The Split Seconds Talks of Summer Time Album Release

Punk rockers The Split Seconds have their sophomore album "Counterfeit Reality", out this past summer, as it makes its round lately, the band have much more plans ahead. Find out more in-depth details about talks of this album and the band as well.

1. Please go on to introduce yourselves to our readers.

We are The Split Seconds, a classic pop punk band from Washington DC.  Drew is vocals and guitar, Alex is backup vocals and guitar, Stephen plays bass, and Sean plays drums.

2. How did the band form and why did you want to make the music that you do?

Drew basically made the first record "Center of Attention" as a solo project with a friend on drums, and then later brought on Sean, Alex, and Stephen.  Our new record "Counterfeit Reality" was a collaborative effort.

3. Can you tell me the story as to why you went with calling yourselves the name that you did?

Drew didn't think the band would actually succeed and would be short lived.  And it just sounded like a good name for an old-school, tight, catchy, punk project.

4. What about the music, what type of music is it exactly that you call your own creation?

We're inspired by 70's punk bands because they are fast, and raw, and unpretentious, and they also draw on a lot of musical traditions like reggae, rockabilly, and classic pop.  So it's a style that works with us as people and allows us to write with a lot of variety and dynamics.

5. Where do your influencers come from and what are they so important to you?

Most of our main influences are 70's punk bands from Britain and America such as The Buzzcocks, The Dead Boys, The Damned, and Stiff Little Fingers.  Those bands had a great raw sound and a lot of really interesting songs.

6. What are your songs about and what types of topics do they tend to cover?

Our songs focus on our personal experiences and the experiences of people we're close to.  A general theme tends to be the struggle to live with integrity as an imperfect person in a corrupt world. 

7. Speaking of songs, what have you released so far, that you can disclose?

21 songs so far, contained on the LPs "Center of Attention" and "Counterfeit Reality."  Available at all of your favorite outlets. 

8. Will any of this content be made into singles and or video releases?

Many already have been!  Look us up on YouTube.  Try not to cringe.

9. Can you discuss what the plans are for you guys for this year?

We've just gotten off of Warped Tour and a bunch of regional touring.  We'll be focusing on writing as well as playing Fest 2018 in Florida.  Also look for us on tour next summer.

10. Would you like to say or want to add anything else?

Stay Tuned!  We're just getting started.

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