Salems Lott - Mask Of Morality

Americanized shock metal band Salems Lott have come a long way since forming in Hollywood, California. They have since, been known for their high energy and crowd pumping induced showcases with an explosive sound that's fresh and new.

Over the last 5 years since formation, they have had an array of sold-out shows from the assorted venues across the Sunset Strip to many in and around the Los Angeles terrain, i.e. The Roxy Theatre, The House of Blues, Whisky A Go Go, among many more. Having quickly gained popularity within the rock scene of Los Angeles, they are one of the more prominent live acts to see out of Los Angeles, California. Their debut single "No Choice To Love" (2014) would reach success for the band, as they would go on to release their Self-Titled debut EP (2015), keeping that momentum of their angst alive and well. Then just two years after the release of their debut EP, they would release a follow-up EP entitled "Mask Of Morality Part 1" (2017).

All of this material keeping them going rather nicely, that they would go on to play shows, promoting themselves ever so further, upon social media and other mediums, even being banned from one of the many venues out of Hollywood like The Viper Room, and other clubs in the area. This little downside would not decease their existence but have it grow and expand into the next release, that would be their debut full-length and the sequel to their previous EP "Mask Of Morality Part 1". This being "Mask Of Morality", while it may not have the "Part 2" within its titling source, it is likely a sequel per say.

Nevertheless, the full-length album, continues where the EP had left off literally. The EP consisting of the first three tracks that start off this album, except the album has the remainder of what was to come from this continuation. When it comes down to it, these first set of tracks that are a continued source of the previous release, do the job well, as they are catchy, upbeat, and purely progressive in tone and emotion. You can hear the expressions within the music, harsh vocal tones, with heavy undertones of the music, it working together to create a fierce yet intense reality of the music at hand.
Whereas the rest of the material, upon this album such tracks as "Higher Anguish", "Royal Desperado", "Fatal Attraction", "Shattered to Pieces", and "Mother of Chains", are probably the more grounded pieces of work, to come from an album such as this one. They really make this record whole, creating this uplifting source, that keeps the working's heard yet heavy. In short, the material is shock metal like you would expect it to be, but its rehashed to be more vivid yet fluid and fine.

The other tracks that were included within this release, give their share of creativity, making album come full circle. Salems Lott is an act that may just be, one that may not be copy cat-able. They are originality to its finest of abilities. Surely to be continued as the next big act to come out in a while.

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