Alexa Ferr says If You Only Knew....

R&B pop rogue Alexa Ferr, last spoke to us 5 years ago, releasing her debut EP "Lipstick On The Glass", with other releases following afterwards, with even more music underway, and released as of late. Her most recent being her single "If You Only Knew", with more music, projects, and so much else, she can only express it by saying merely "If You Only Knew"! Alexa Ferr herself talks of all of this, if not more than that!

1. First and last time we spoke to you was 5 years ago, way back in 2013! So what has Alexa Ferr been up too?
I've been working and experimenting with new sounds and vibes since we last spoke!

2. During that time, you had released your debut EP "Lipstick On The Glass", what else has come from the releasing vault from Alexa Ferr?

I've released a few singles since my EP's release in 2013 and have also released a few new music videos as well! 

3. Besides those releases, you have gone on to release new material in the form of a new song called "If You Only Knew", what is the story there?

"If You Only Knew" is kind of a personal song to me but it also relates to many people! The story basically represents when two people in a relationship are on a different mentality than the other. For example, one person feels like they can get away with anything, meanwhile the other is super loyal and would never do half the things that were done onto them... short version is when you find yourself feeling like the one who's too loyal, sometimes you want to get back at them and show them "if they really knew" what you could be doing and entertaining other people, but you don't because you're loyal and hold the relationship down.

4. Will this new song be made into an official video release or just remain as it is a single?

I did have plans for a video, but things got in the way and since this was just something to give back to my fans, I want to focus on creating new material and give them the best quality music and visuals to go along with it!

5. You went from being the "rugged pop" sound stylist to one being rooted in the R&B styling, why the change of pace?

I feel that my roots were always in r&b and pop and as I've grown into a young woman, I've experienced things in life, in the industry, and just naturally felt more connected to my urban roots but I still love pop and always will, so I try to incorporate some of that flavor in my music.

6. Can you disclose what "rugged pop" sound means and sounds like?

Of course! To me "rugged pop" is just an edgier pop vibe... whether it be more sass, swag or just more urban beats to it, but it's not all the way urban.

7. What other "new" music is in the works, more single's underway or is there another EP or album in the works?

I've recorded a ton of new music and have carefully been working on the process of releasing a new project by this summer! I would rather leave it s a surprise on whether it's an EP or an album at this point in time!

8. Where do you see yourself as far as being and doing music as Alexa Ferr 5 years from now?

I definitely see myself touring and releasing new music, writing for others, opening and owning my own studio, and venturing out into the fashion and makeup/skincare world as well.

9. How about plans for 2018, what is on the horizons for Alexa Ferr?

New music and projects of course!

10. Anything else you want to say or add in before wrapping this up!

I'm so grateful for all the positive feedback on my previous and most recent releases, and I'm grateful for the support and patience for my new releases! Check me out on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat @alexaferrmusic! :)

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