German dark rock band CRONE have teamed up with New Noise Magazine to reveal their video for "The Ptilonist". The song is taken from their album "Godspeed" which was recently released via Prophecy Productions.

Band member Markus Renzenbrink commented: "Phil came up with an idea for a video for this song. The story behind it seems to fit well to the music, which brought him to a storyboard. A sad story at the end, but full of hope and conviction in the beginning. The rise and the fall in a man´s life, the music and the lyrics."

Guitarist/Vocalist Phil Jonas further commented: "We initially had the idea to use original footage of the Franz Reichelt jump which unfortunately wasn’t possible due to a high-priced licensing we couldn’t afford. We agreed on a straight performance video of the band instead. However if you want to see the footage, just google his name. It’s pure spine-chilling madness."

Check out the video here:

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