Gottwut - Konglomerat

Modernized industrial metal band Gottwut, have only been active for a short while, having formed only in 2015 out of Moscow, Russia. Since then, releasing one maxi-single "Oil" in 2016, with a follow-up release, coming in the form of their debut full-length album titled "Konglomerat" released in 2018. When first listening in to who they were, besides the obvious as an industrial based metal band, their style immediately brought to mind another act of similarity Rammstein. Rammstein's style and Gottwut, played side by side, are so much alike, it is uncanny at times. With that, "Konglomerat", is more of an experience than music really. Like for instance the opening number "My Duty", it brings forth all of this techno, industrial rhythmic tones, that makes the music uneasy yet catchy. Whereas other tracks like "Sin", "Snowman", "Cycle", and "Angerlove", make the release more wholesome. It's more or less, a type of album, that takes the industrial approach of style and sound, turning it upside down, creating this variety of sorts, that make it eerie yet vibrant. In other words, Gottwut's style is original yet familiar as well, because of their similarity to that of Rammstein. If upbeat and catchy is to your liking, then this act of progression, will gather you up, take you on, an unforgettable experience of exposure, that will be noticed for its non-stop recognition.

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