LOYA - Heptapod

For one person to be at something for thirteen years and counting, still experimenting, with everything available, as far as music genres go says a lot. LOYA is one of those musicians, well artists, as he has created this LOYA experimental project of music, combining the likes of a few genres, such as dark pop, dream pop, some essence of emo and regular pop. His style after hearing his recent efforts of "Heptapod", brought on so many other similar artist within these same genre tactics. For instance, other artists in the up-and-coming sense, or those who are least still fresh and anew, are Johnnie Guilbert, Til Death Do We Part, and Social Repose. These acts, being a lot like to that of LOYA.

With that said, LOYA's track "Heptapod", not only was released as an official single, to the upcoming album "Komaglass", out soon enough, but said single also received an official music video to follow suit. The video depicts KOYA the artist, singing, as various scenes showcase themselves in black/white or white/black, with middle pieces being himself, decked out in make-up that is a lot like Social Repose crossed with classic artist David Bowie. Even David Bowie's styling for that matter as well. LOYA is a lot like the classic artist, both visually and material-wise with music creativity and what not.

In any case though, LOYA's track "Heptapod", has already what it needs for being a single of growth and development, off an upcoming album that will make itself known. The track just builds itself upward, making the music portrayed, be cryptic, yet playful. It's energized, catchy, so much so  you will likely find yourself dancing along to it. Vocalization wise, meets the music at its core, making the two intertwine together, to blend in a way that makes the music more noticeable yet flawless.

If upbeat, catching, and different, is what you prefer than LOYA is the artist to seek out. His music is unique and very original, but similar in some ways also. Surely more will come from such an up-and-comer whose, music will take notice, by the masses, in little to no time at all. At least that is how it is playing off with a track like "Heptapod".


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