Throw The Goat - The Joke's On Us

Throw The Goat, not only has a funny name, but their music choice is quite frankly plain and simple, making their DIY efforts that more memorable. With that, their latest album "The Joke's On Us", takes this act ever so further into the audience they continue to build upon. Think of their latest release, as being the mix-up of punk, hardcore, and thrash metal, coming straight out of the late 90's to early 00's, that is what and how Throw The Goat takes matters into this album. For instance "Droppin' Bottles", "The Truth Is Worse", "You Want It, You Got It", and "Melt Away", are likely the tracks to stand out the most for this release as a whole. Surely being that this act is just a lot of fun to hear, yet get thrown around with, when attending their showcases of all shapes and sizes. If high energy, fast instrumental adrenaline, and non-stop momentum is what makes the music appealable, then this act is the one. Thus forth, Throw The Goat's latest works, just makes this album not just be "The Joke's On Us", but the joke's on the listener, because you will be into them by the end of hearing this album from front to back!

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