TLE Releases New Single "Now, You Will Go to Sleep, Or I Will Put You to Sleep....You're in My World Now, Kiddo" featuring Hidden In Plain View's Joe Reo

Raleigh-based "dad punk" band TLE has released a brand new single! The track, titled "Now, You Will Go to Sleep, Or I Will Put You to Sleep... You're in My World Now, Kiddo," is the second song the band has released since announcing their signing with Revival Recordings (themselves) earlier this year. TLE is also excited to have Joe Reo from Hidden In Plain View as a guest vocalist on the single. When speaking about the experience of recording with TLE, Joe Reo stated, "What struck me about the project immediately was its creativity. I loved the freedom the guys were taking with their music and was honored and humbled to be a part of it. It’s Dad rock at a whole new level. Seriously, just wait until you see the video."

The single talks about the challenges of getting your kids to go to sleep but of course in hard-hitting, dad punk fashion. When discussing the track, guitarist and backing vocalist Nick Onorato says, "Punk Rock Dads Unite! Our first step towards involving Punk Rock dads from all over the industry begins with NYWGTSOIWPYTS...YIMWNK. Most importantly though, you need to watch the video. Not for the music, the music is terrible. But for the kids, the kids are so damn adorable that I promise that after you watch the video you will say, 'that music was terrible, but those kids are so damn adorable.' Also, Joe Reo (Hidden in Plain View) was kind enough to lend us his vocalistic stylings and he's awesome." Continuing, vocalist Shawn Milke stated, "You could watch the video on mute to avoid the music, but then you would Yea, just watch on mute, I've got nothin'."

Fans can watch the music video for "Now, You Will Go to Sleep, Or I Will Put You to Sleep... You're in My World Now, Kiddo" now on the Revival Recordings YouTube channel found HERE.

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