Hekate Stream New Song "Luzifer Morgenstern"

German neofolk band HEKATE have released their new song "Luzifer Morgenstern". The track is taken from their new album "Totentanz" which will be released via Prophecy Productions on May 18, 2018.

The band commented: "Lucifer, the Latin name of the morning star Venus, the fallen angel in Christian mythology, God’s adversary. In this song, the contradiction between traditional Christian dogmas and desire or lust, the craving to give in to primal human instincts, which contradicts religion."

Heathen Harvest further commented: "Hekate’s music has never sounded so refined: traditional, catchy folk melodies meet harmoniously with more hypnotic tracks, carried on floating synthesizers and percussion. The band captures the atmosphere of early 90's apocalyptic folk without sounding dated."

Listen to the song here: https://heathenharvest.org/2018/04/24/exclusive-hear-hekates-new-single-luzifer-morgenstern/.

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