Kittie - Orgins/Evolutions

Kittie, an act, that will always do what they want, because that's the way and how it is going to be. With that, in 2014 the band had been posting on social media website Facebook, this project that was secretive, in the works. Old photos of past and present members all together in the same room with of all things a camera! This would lead to them launching a crowd funding campaign by the Indie Go Go company, as they would celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band, with a documentary to be foreseen, having those said members of the past and present tell it all in film and book format.

 After this was all set up their goal had been reached in 8 hours time, having gotten Rob McCallum to direct the documentary with Mark Eglinton to pen the tell all biography. The campaign closing with a total amount of $40, 525 raised, 203% of the initial goal pretty much. Since 2014 with all this out and about, all was taking place with filming and what not moving forward. Several years later, a reunion of the original lineup for a one night concert would take place in 2017, this being the marking point of the band's anniversary documentary, teaser clips of what was to come from all of this would be posted, having the energy for it be ecstatic. It would be just a short while later before word of a 3-disc set of a DVD, Bluray and CD would be making itself known. The DVD/Bluray being the documentary with the CD portion consisting of audio of live recordings of their catalog of content.

So then, how does the documentary and live album hold up to all of the buzz that it was lead up towards. Well the documentary itself is quite extensive, as it brought it most members in to share their part of the band's journey from past to present, minus two of the band members not participating in it. But far from that minor mishap, the documentary as a whole, was a lot of fun to see and hear about really. Not really realizing how many guitarists and bassists came and went into this band that is Kittie was a lot to take in, from not just being a fan but relating to it somewhat, knowing that a lot of bands face this type or ordeal and it sucks. But Kittie has pulled through to this very day, making it work out, with even newer music in the pipe line as we speak. Seeing what people who are just like you and me, do in their own lives, as musicians, and what they deal with within such an industry and its accompanying scene, was just interesting.

The live album that's included is by far, one of the most intense recording's of a live showcase ever recorded. The angst and energy of the crowd and vibe of the band, is a win/win situation. Everything performed out of their catalog of content, it is as if, the band never really left. While there has been some time of the band's disappearance to take on this documentary and pursue other things, this live release, is just chalk full of what can be expected from a Kittie show. Whether you have heard or ever seen them live beforehand, or even if you have not, this live album does it for you. By hearing it, you get it all in one full sweep of the music, everything is just there and hits you with force you just accept it.

It is just one of those documentaries by a band, who has females in the role, doing what they want to do, make music, but make it their own way. It's a documentary with a live album attached to it, that makes Kittie be themselves, a heavy duty act with no plans on stopping, just taking it with stride, as the music does as well.

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