Thy Art Is Murder's Lee says We Need to Take Action Now!

Australians Thy Art Is Murder is a deathcore act with four albums down, lots of shows and touring done with so much more in-store there is no stopping them! Drummer Lee Stanton one of two of the original founding members of the band, discusses the band's formation, name, newest album and their future.

1. Introductions, who are you, and what is it that you do in the band for those who may not know it?

Hi, my names Lee and I play drums in Thy Art Is Murder.

2. Can you tell me the story as to how the band got its name Thy Art Is Murder and what does this mean actually mean? Does it relate to art in any which way?

Sean and I are the original two founding members and even we don't know how we got the name. An older member thought it sounded cool and Shakespearean so we just went with it.

3. Your frontman vocalist CJ McMahon said bye bye a while back, but is now saying hello hello, so what happened between then and now?

He took some time off I guess and spent it at home cleaning his life up and focusing on himself and his problems. When he left we were sure he would never return but in the time off he really got better.

4. CJ McMahon went on to say this about the album "This new record is going to shape our future; we gave it everything we could and then some. In the past, I was the weakest link and now that I have re-built myself, we are stronger than ever and nothing can stand in our way." So elaborate this for us?

I think he is just trying to explain to the world that he had some issues and that is why he had to go away. We have always worked really hard on the road and on our music and maybe he feels he was always self-sabotaging those efforts. Who knows. The new record is pretty rad though. Speaking of the new album it is called "Dear Desolation", with a title such as this does this mean that this album is indeed a letter of sorts or nothing like that whatsoever? It kind of is and that's why we are giving away "Dear Desolation" postcards with our pre-orders at Indie merch. The album covers all sorts of things that could finish the human race, it’s almost like a letter to our future selves but we need to take action now.

5. This album is also your fourth album to date, what comes to mind when thinking such a thing, looking back to when you first formed way back in 2006 up until this point and time in 2017?

We are just so lucky to be able to make music and tour the world and have people enjoy it. At the end of the day this is something we all dreamed of and we are so grateful to our fans and the people we work with.

6. You guys got signed with Nuclear Blast back in 2012 up until the present day today in 2017, so how has the relationship been with them after all this time?

It’s amazing, everyone that we’ve met there or chat to is a total legend and totally loves metal, to work with people that actually love your music too helps you feel like you’re in great hands.

7. While you guys have a handful of releases to your namesake, when can we expect to see a live release in the form of an album or DVD, have anything in the works?

Let’s just say its coming. We have been documenting most of our tours with our ‘sixth member’ Thomas for a few years now, hopefully we will be able to pull together a story worth sharing with everyone.

8. What about playing any of your releases past or present in full from front to back, or from back to front, is that something you would consider doing?

It has been talked about but no locked in plans just yet. We haven’t ever had the chance to play one of our records front to back but we would really like to present the albums that way in a live setting.

9. You guys will be out on the road between now into the rest of this year, so what do you have planned as far as setlists and performances, anything extra special?

We are working on that this week actually, but a good blend of some of the new stuff and bringing in some more stuff from ‘Hate’ and ‘Holy War’. We are probably going to be bringing ‘No Absolution’ and ‘They Will Know Another’ into the fold this year as well.

10. How about the rest of the year, what else can we expect to see from you guys?

Not a lot outside of touring our asses off and releasing some new music, hopefully everyone enjoys it!

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