Ally Ryan the Pop Sensation Makes the Buzz

Ally Ryan spent time upon writing and recording for her debut single "Wasted". That time has paid off BIG time for the pop sensation, as this song has topped the charts hitting #5 on the Billboard Hot Singles chart, as well as placing #3 out of the top 15 finalists for the #NextWaveJuly competition. All of this happening all at once it seems, Ally Ryan has so much going for her as it were, who knows where her music career will take her next. Ally herself talks with us about this single debut for her, and what plans lay ahead.

1. Ally Ryan, why go with naming this project after yourself, instead of choosing a stage name for the project?

I felt like this project was very me, and embodied so much of who I am, that it felt right to name it after myself!

2. What types of music do you create, what are your songs about, and who do you look up too when creating your music?

I create both ballads and pop songs that are usually about whatever I am going through at the time! I am a super sensitive and emotional person, so whether it be good times or bad I am always feeling certain emotions that I try to channel into my music. I look up to the greats like Price and Michael Jackson, but also turn to Chris Martin or Bebe Rexha when I need some inspiration.

3. You have a new single out and about called "Wasted". What is the story behind said single?

Wasted is essentially about a love or relationship that is so intense that it becomes toxic. There was a point in my life where my friends and I were obsessed with the idea of love and were willing to compromise ourselves and our needs in order to find it, and that is kind of what this song touches on. Moral of the story is, never change who you are or what you want for someone else's love and approval.

4. Besides releasing this song as a single, there was an accompanying video for it, tell me about the video for "Wasted"?

Yes! The video for Wasted is super fun and flirty, but also shows some dark sides of a relationship. It is two people fighting for a love that isn't right for either of them.

5. This same single that is "Wasted" has topped the charts hitting #5 for Billard's Hot Singles, while placing #3 of the top 15 finalists spot for the #NextWaveJuly competition. What comes to mind when hearing such a thing?

Honestly it's overwhelming! I never thought the record would be getting so much love! It's such an incredible feeling and just makes me excited to release more music!

6. "Wasted" is your debut music piece for you, what does that mean for you, this being that first glimpse into everyone hearing you for the first time?

Choosing a "debut single" can be scary! It's the first taste people are going to get of Ally Ryan, so I wanted to make sure it made sense, and drew people in, and I think Wasted has done just that! It's fun, it's relatable and it's extremely catchy which I think people are drawn too! I just hope people are excited to hear more!

7. The single will be included on your debut EP set for release in the New Year, is that still set in stone, or do you think the song will just remain as is as a single?

Honestly I'm not sure yet! My EP is still getting some final touches put on it and currently includes Wasted, but nothing is set in stone!

8. Whereabouts are you in terms of the new EP? Can you give us a brief summary?

I've been working on my EP for the past two and a half years and I'm really excited about it! It's really hard as an artist to say that anything is ever "done," so I am constantly making small changes, or bringing new ideas to the table! But as a whole it's pretty solid and should be ready for release soon!

9. Have you decided on how this EP will turn out for you, as far as what it will be titled, the artwork for it, who you will work with producer-wise etc. Or have you not thought that far ahead yet?

As far as title and artwork, I have some ideas but nothing set in stone yet! The title has been the hardest part for me, I have so many options but I'm just waiting for one to feel right! It has to feel like it makes sense and embodies the whole project! As far as producers go, I got to work with some of my favorite producers on this EP! It's been an incredible process and I cant wait for people to hear it!

10. When can we expect to see the EP's release come the New Year, that time frame the start of the year or in the middle or at the end?

I am aiming for the start of the year! I feel like that would be the perfect way to start off the new year!

11. What else can we expect to see from you, what do you have lined up from here on out into this next year?

You can expect lots of weird YouTube videos, a new music video, and maybe even another single!!! But you'll just have to wait and see!

12. Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers?

Thank you for supporting this record! I can't wait to share more music with you!

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