Motograter - Desolation

The 90's the time of when everyone was in harmony, took comfort in checking out the latest in TV, film, and music, all was well with the world. As opposed to the later 00's up until 2017 where everyone judges one another for this, that, and the other. No one giving anyone a time of day, let alone chance if at that. Everyone in their right minds doing nothing but disagreeing, if not fighting about all there is to fight even if it were the littlest of matters. For instance the 90's brought forth Motograter, who in recent activity has had a brawl of sorts with another act in the music scene but whilst that may be bringing them down for the time being, it has not stopped them from creating music. In which time they have spent some time upon their newest and latest works in the form of an album called "Desolation". The album already grasping the music scene with its new single off the album called "Dorian", the band plans to keep their legacy a float since the 90's to the present day times, with this single and its accompanying album release.

So this is of course "Desolation", the second full-length album for the band, as time would see fit, the band would reform itself with its current line-up in 2014. The band being active since then, having performed multiple times over, touring and playing showcases all over. The band being known for their image of all things, covering themselves in tribal style body paint for one, had them using heavy experimentation with industrial sounds, samples, and tribal drums, but that was a thing of the past. Their early times as a band back in the 90s. Since reforming themselves back in 2014 up until present day times, they would continue to evolve, eventually incorporating a dark, groove oriented guitar styling, that would broaden the band's appeal to a much wider audience. It would all lead down to this album of course, that is "Desolation", a 11-track release with that included single "Dorian" along with a number of other appealing tracks to get your blood pumping. For instance "Victim", "Bleeding Through", "Daggers", "Rise (There Will Be Blood)", and "Shadows", are just the pick of the litter to be those to hear.

These tracks as well as the whole album for that matter, is just chalk full of material that takes fierce to a whole another level. The group has matured, improved their sound so much so, that it is nothing like their past works, not even close. They have indeed evolved as a band, so much so, that is hard not to notice it. The guitars, drums, bass, and vocalization used throughout this album, is so appealing, that it is heavy hitting material, that it keeps the music constantly moving. It is like a never ending type of release. You think you are done with one track, but it instantly plays off the next track, then the next track, so much that it begins the whole all over again. That is how pacing this album tends to become.

Motograter's "Desolation" is one top notch release. It has hard hitting rushes of adrenaline, that keeps the music intense, approachable, and enjoyable. If you are a one to tap your feet to the beat of the music, or nod your head to it, then this is it, right here. This is the album for you to check out. You shall not be disappointed, but more pleased than anything else.

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