Between The Rain's Xavier Talks of New Music!

Hard rockin trio Between The Rain have released a new song turned single called "Mudroom", with an EP to follow this late summer! Drummer Xavier discusses said single, the EP is mentioned, and what else they got planned.

1. What role do you play in the band?

Xavier: I'm Xavier. I play the drums for the band.

2. How did you come to get your band name Between the Rain? What does it mean if anything?

Xavier: It came from the movie JFK. It was a way of describing someone who acts with impunity, "walking through the raindrops." It's also a line from the Counting Crows' song "Round Here."

3. What has influenced your sound and style?

Xavier: My disdain for musical clichés and an over-saturation of nearly identical styles of modern rock and heavy metal.

4.What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Xavier: Themes vary song to song, one of ours is about Viking funerals, another is about the anxiety that comes with the advancements of technology. It's a spectrum.

5. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Xavier: Yes. Usually, one of us writes a basic melodic structure or series of riffs and the other two of us come up with the finishing touches. We rework and piece our individual ideas together until we have a complete song.

6. What is the difference between your newest album and the very first album?

Xavier: The spectrum of influences in this EP vary more than anything we've done.

7. What can be said about your single "Mudroom?" Will this song be accompanied by a video?

Xavier: Mudroom has been really well received single, we're definitely proud of the way it turned out. And it has a video! We shot the video at a skate competition we played. You can find the video on our Facebook and YouTube channel, check it out!

8. Can this song be found upon an upcoming release of yours, or is it just a single for now?

Xavier: This one is a stand-alone track. Our next release is coming up in August. It's an EP called "The Knockoff."

9. What do you have new in the works, as far as music besides this single?

Xavier: The EP is our main focus right now. We're looking forward to it seeing the light of day and we're always writing new material.

10. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

Xavier: We incorporate styles popularized in the 90s and early 00s and blend them into something recognizable, but original.

11. What else can we expect to see from you for the rest of this year?

Xavier: Hopefully some great songs paired with sweet live shows.

12. Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers?

Xavier: Keep checking in to our social media for new shows and releases. And find us on Spotify!

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