No Limited Spiral - Into the Marinesnow

Japan sure does know their music, with such a vast variety at hand it is no wonder so many people across the globe have taken a liking to their acts that come from such a cultured place. In any case though, No Limited Spiral formed back in 2009, going on to release a debut full-length album "Precode Slaughter", 2 EP's "My Bleeding Legacy", and "ONYX". Soon after they would go on to get signed up with WormHoleDeath where 2017 would see the release of their latest addition to their music catalog called "Into the Marinesnow".

A follow-up album to their previous debut album, which would take in that melodic death metal feel with the added addition of metalcore beaten in for good measures. This is what you get when listening to this album, let alone No Limited Spiral in general really. It is a powerful sound of style, with such aggression put in full force, that it is hard to ignore. The force of it all really embraces you as the listener, the vocal chords being so powerful with the screaming antics, while the instrumentals are just as powerful. Both work really well together to create such a well rounded piece of material, that it makes any other metal act sound like a disappointment.

Some of the tracks off this album that tend to stand out the most would have to come down to "the Witch of Dusk", "the Rusted Dream and My Sweet Nightmare", and "Clockwork Serenade". These may be the short stack but they are the more outstanding of the set available. Instrumental work shown upon these song selections, is so fierce, lots of guitar riffs, solo work, done it is flawless. The bass, drums, and vocal chords are just the tip of the progression used here. It is clearly hands down just downright powerful stuff. That is really the best option to describe this style and band really.

If you are a fan of the Japanese music scene, then No Limited Spiral is another one of those acts you have to pick up on. Perhaps checking them out before any other act out of Japan in general. "Into the Marinesnow", is one follow-up album that truly is a piece of work. No doubt that this band will continue to expand their horizons, going places ever so further with this release alone. Stay on the lookout for Japan's very own No Limited Spiral, because they will spiral out of control more so than they are doing so now.

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