Eclectic LA-based pop artist Caitlin Eadie has just released her anticipated sophomore album, Balancing Act. The album is the follow-up to 2013’s Between Hi & Goodbye record, and features the singles “Wolf Cry,” and “Lesson Learned.” Fans can purchase Balancing Act on iTunes now.

Eadie also recently dropped a video for current single “Wolf Cry,” with premiering the clip exclusively. Fans can watch the mesmerizing clip here [INSERT URL].

Balancing Act features Caitlin Eadie at her most dynamic, with an eclectic production that mixes hip hop, EDM, pop, soul, and folk, capped off by her mesmerizing and unique vocals. Caitlin had this to say about the album:

“Balancing Act is a look inside the personal journey and evolution I’ve been on the last few years. Between uprooting my life, falling in and out of love, and balancing my earliest influences with all the experimental ideas/sounds flooding my head. For me, making this record has been about being honest when it’s felt uncomfortable, sharing my eccentricities with the world, and embracing the good, the bad, the ugly, and all the in-between life has to offer.”

To celebrate the release of the album, Caitlin will be performing at the Dresden in Los Angeles on July 17th.

With soulful melodies reminiscent of Norah Jones, the vocal strength of Aretha Franklin, and the authenticity of Adele, Caitlin Eadie is quickly becoming a familiar name in the LA music scene. Her captivating vocal performances walk the line between vulnerability and toughness, with lyrics and a smooth R&B / pop aesthetic that showcases her as an independently strong and passionate pioneer of modern pop. Caitlin’s emotive vocals bring to mind the great jazz/soul singers of the 50’s, while also possessing enough contemporary pop sensibility to keep her rooted in the music of today. This diverse combination of musical eras and vocal styles only works to further demonstrate just how talented and eclectic Eadie’s sound is. Now, with the release of her sophomore album Balancing Act on the horizon, Caitlin Eadie is ready to put the pop world on it’s head with her diverse blend of songwriting, dynamic vocals, and varied production taste.

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Balancing Act on iTunes:

Check out the video for "Wolf Cry" right HERE.

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