Doc Fell and Company - Dust Bowl Heart

Ah Valentine's Day, the one holiday that all can either smile about or turn that smile upside down into a frown. For country go getters Doc Fell and Company they decided to release their latest album "Dust Bowl Heart" upon this holiday of love and sorrow. Country is not the only genre enlisted upon this album of theirs for they take their roots in all true Americana style of truth. Their songs being inspiration by the joys and heartaches of the love and loss of the everyday life and death we have all faced and or experienced.

Doc Fell and Company say that they embrace the historic past of the legendary singer and song writers who came before, acknowledging of the time and place of when songs were written and told a story. That is what is done on this album that is "Dust Bowl Heart". Their aim of touching the heart and soul of the listeners in tow, for a moment of their time, placing them at ease of their suffering of the pain that they may be experiencing in life. Encouraging one another through said struggles of life.
They may have the lyrical context down but the musically driven content on this album is all that a country Americana release could be. You got your guitars, drums, bass, and vocals all working at once, having the material sounding fair and honest. It maintains an uplifting tone, with catchier beats, that keeps a never ending flow to the tone of the music. It is like one of those bouncy balls that does not stop bouncing up and down. That is what the music is like on this album.

"The Less I Know", "Love Sick", "Broken Heart", and "This Machine", are just the summary of the latter offered. Each of these tracks being precise in lyrical content as mentioned above. With its music being just as crafted as it should. It is solid yet rounded off to be a mixture of tunes that embrace the melodies at hand, being so effective to the ear it is hard to resist it at all really. It is like if the music has this pull on you, that you cannot stop listening whether it would be due to the lyrics of the melody of the music.

It is just how this album turned out for Doc Fell and Company. "Dust Bowl Heart", is just another one of this Americana country albums, with a band to back it up, having it get a kick for all it's worth.  Guess it just goes to show you, how fine of an album this turned out to be. It gets to the root of the matter drawing out all of the basic necessities of the everyday life. Whether that be yours or someone else entirely there is nothing more better or worse than the emotion. A development of feelings you cannot ignore even if you tried your best to do so.

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