Liz Asaro Talks of 1,000 Years!

Liz Asaro is a singer based out of New York. Her music is a mixture of sorts taking genres of modern/alternative rock. Her newest single "1000 Years", has been said to be a lot like the 90's band The Cranberries with that strong guitar loop, thick bass line, and driving beat with smooth rock vocals to bring it altogether. Liz herself took some time to discuss said single with us!

1.  Can you introduce yourself, to those who may not know who Liz Asaro is all about?

I’m authentic, I’m real, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I appreciate when others do the same. I’m also from Irish and Italian descent, so I’ll mention the fact that I’m by default very passionate about everything I do, in a good way I think! I have a lot of thoughts on human nature and I like to get other people considering why we do what we do. I love telling stories through music and I want to evoke emotion in people when they listen. I am a mom to three amazing kids and it’s important to me that they do what they love. I hope by seeing me follow my passion, they will always do the same for themselves, whatever that may be. I hope that for everyone really. I do what I love, and the more that comes across the better. As far as the style of music I make, many of my influences are from the rock genre, so there will likely always some level of grit in my songs, something that really digs in. Yet I’m also a fan of a lot of modern electronic sounds, so finding the balance that gives it a cool atmospheric vibe and makes it truly me, is what is driving where my music is landing.

2.  You have a new song turned single called "1000 Years", when did you write and record this song?

I wrote it last year in Ireland. I went to my friend Wayne Sheehy’s studio in West Cork to write for a week. It’s called Ocean studios and it’s a pretty magical place. I wrote the chords with Wayne and Yoyo Rohm, and I wrote the lyrics there, from a spot where I could see the beautiful landscape and ocean outside my window. It was recorded partially at Mission Sound in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and partially at Gerry Leonard’s studio in Woodstock. Gerry was the first one to put some amazing guitar sounds on it, he played and MD’d for David Bowie for many years, so you can imagine the talent and inspiration he brought to the project. I was lucky to have Gerry, Sterling Campbell (drums), Tim Lefebvre (bass) and Tommy Kessler (rock guitars) all play on it. Hector Castillo mixed it in Brooklyn.

3.  Why did you want to write and record this song, why was it called "1000 Years". What does that song symbolize and represent for you as an artist and as the song itself.

I think a lot about past lives and the past in general, in terms of why we are what we are now and why people do what they do. '1000 Years' is about what we've learned from those who have come before us in life, and what we have not learned. Or what we have chosen to ignore maybe. We have made so much progress as humans, yet in some ways, we have made little to none. The conflicts in today's social and political climate speak to this. The song asks you to think about what happened in the past right where you are standing, or maybe in past lives of your own if they exist, and take the things you have learned and put them in place. Are you going to remain helpless and not effect change? Will you try to keep others standing still with you? Or will you take what you innately know and apply it in productive ways? Given all of the human evolution and experience over the past 1000 years, would you do things differently now than you would have done 1000 years ago? 100 years ago? 10 years ago? Even a week ago?

4.  Will there be a video to accompany this single release?

Yes, there is a video already to accompany the acoustic version, which we shot up in Woodstock, and we are planning the video for the full version now.

5.  "1000 Years", is said to be a rock edged pop single, why combine those genres for this particular track?

I am a rock girl at heart. I don’t know that I will ever be able to let go of the rock edge in my music altogether. I love guitars and any real instrument, so no matter how electronic one of my tracks gets, I will likely always have an overlay of edgy instrumentation in there somewhere. For this song in particular, I think the rock guitar sound over the ethereal journey it takes, keeps you awake and aware, which is what the song asks you to do.

6.  Besides this single, do you have any other new tunes in the works, that we will get to see in the future?

Yup, I have a few other singles just about ready to go. Some are finished and I am currently writing new songs as well.

7. What else do you have planned for the rest of this year, that you would like to share with us?

Well I am about to set off to London to collaborate with some amazing writers in June. Now that I have played the music live a handful of times in NYC I have a feel for what I want to keep the same and what I would like to add to the overall sound of my music. I’m hopeful and excited about what will come out of the next couple of months. The single launch is within the next couple of weeks, and the EP will be soon to follow. I am sure we will be booking several live shows in NYC and we will be looking into touring toward the second half of the year.

7.  Would you like to add on or want to say anything more to wrap this all up?

It’s a really exciting time! I am anxious to get this music out there and I am determined to keep that rock edge there while bringing a modern sound that speaks to what 2017’s ears want to hear. I think my music has a unique sound and I look forward to having it reach more people. I think once musicians start making music, they just can’t stop. The sounds we make and the stories we tell shift the universe, it’s why we do it. I love people, the give and take, and I love feeding the senses. This journey is only opening more doors for more opportunities to do that. I am incredibly grateful for the people that I work with and those who have supported me. It can be a tough industry, so the more amazing people around you the better!  Thank you!

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