Like Minded Criminals - Drowning In Bed

Like Minded Criminals is one act you should be following if you are not doing so already. For this one act is one that in just a short amount of time, has already gone as far as self taught themselves, played a chunk of showcases, alongside a lot of well known bands, Michale Graves of The Misfits, Everyone Leaves, Crack Rock Steady 7, plus many more. Like Minded Criminals have spent time in the studio writing and recording for their first full-length album "Drowning In Bed".

"And I'm The Liar?", and "Grace Under Pressure", are the two lead singles off this album, currently they are really drawing in the attention of the fan base, media, and new comers who had no idea who Like Minded Criminals was really all about until hearing these tracks. After which, the rest of the album should surely become a hit for not just the band for many others discovering them as well. Nonetheless though, opening up this album with "High And Dry", as well as these singles following said track, is quite the number to pull, for when listening to these tracks one after the other like that, you get a feel of pure rock n' roll with a dash of alternative rock, but it sounds so much like grunge music when it is not.

For real though when first listening to these tracks in a row off the start off this album, Alice In Chains meets Pearl Jam, crossed my mind, which is not a bad thing by any means at all. That is the style that these guys gave off really and it shows within these set of tracks in particular. For the rest of the album, the rest of it is rather more rock based than grunge sounding really. Still has that fresh captivating sound, with a modern day twist, keeping the energy of the music afloat really well.

That is really what happens when listening to Like Minded Criminals though, "Drowning In Bed", is just one of those albums, that does this sort of thing. You get an experience you have heard before, compare it something else when it is really something entirely different, fresh, and new. These guys have got the energy, with that hard rock n' roll vibe, to keep the flow of the music running for as long as it can withstand this highly entertaining trio of musicians.

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