Steve Ryan - Don't Tell Me Acoustic Version

There are quite a few male singers solo or in bands that sound very feminine take for instance the band A Skylit Drive with their former frontman Michael Jagmin or as he was known as simply Jag, his vocalization style was clean vocals but they sounded very feminine which made A Skylit Drive that more interesting to hear and enjoy. For the likes of Steve Ryan, he brings out that feminine touch a bit as well. He not only is a singer/song writer but is also an actor and author, who enjoys connecting to people through his alignment of work.

"Don't Tell Me", is his latest works in the acoustic sense. This song on its lonesome was previously released twice already in the form of an instrumental version and its original non-acoustic version. The instrumental version coming off the "Feel At Ease" album released in 2014, with the "Boundless Moments" containing the original non-acoustic version from 2013. This 2017 take on "Don't Tell Me" in acoustic form is quite well done but again has Steve sounding very feminine.

The original version of this track does not have him sound feminine at all. But this version in acoustic form does have him sound this way why is that who knows. It is just how it sounds to the ears when listening in. It is not a bad thing in any way he sounds quite decent with his vocalization. The instrumentals and chorus used in the backdrop are done just as decently well. The acoustic guitar work is done to a sense of sounding very classy, approachable and soothing. Like one of those tracks you could listen to over dinner or sitting down by the fire place even.

The song's style in acoustic form sounds like any other acoustic track out there really. It has the soft melody of the guitar structure, with the vocals in the backdrop, everything doing its own part to keep the track in check with itself. The style in question is acoustic but more of an R&B acoustic to it. It has that feeling going for it in the backdrop, that when you listen in, you instantly just know that yep that is an R&B type of tune. It makes it more noticeable really.

As a songwriter and singer though, Steve Ryan is a good performer. He has vocals he can easily work with as preserved upon his previous works. His voice just has a more unique tone to it, as opposed to other singers within the acoustic or R&B genre pool. His tone of voice being more calming, relaxing, to the ear, that you feel so comfortable and at ease with yourself, in body and in mind sense, if that makes much sense at all.

It is as if, he has a way with the music as well as the words in the form of the lyrics. He can create melody so willingly that it crafts upon itself, to build up working around everything to bring a perfect pitch full circle. His music being so captivating with pure flawlessness. That is what Steve has done with this take, on this version of song, as well as his music in general. Showing off a whole another side to him in his creativity.

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