Elle Casazza’s - Proof

Elle Casazza’s album "Proof" was briefly discussed in the single review of one of the tracks off it called "You". This time though "Proof" will be discussed in full with its other assorted singles including the mention of "You" once more. So then where do we begin with this release really. Well it consists of 10-tracks, "You", being one of them of course, that track is a pure re-boost of energy really, showing off the skill set that Elle brings upon herself with her music making abilities. Whereas other tracks such as "Hey", "Save Me", "Too Bad", and "Last Word", are the glimpses into what can be expected from her as an artist and her material in general.

Her skill picks up pieces from the likes of jazz, soul, funk, and pop, together blending of the genres so flawlessly she works them so well into her musical trait it's no wonder she is slowly stepping upon the scene with her refreshing source of style let alone sound.

Like take these tracks mentioned just now, they instantly showcase a style that some would call retro pop. Which believe it or not does suit her for not just her music but her unique style trends as well. If you have seen her look which is upon the cover of "Proof" you get that classy retro sensational vibe right away. So again you can see just how much style and sense Elle delivers here.

If that is not saying much then her music is really where it kicks in really. "You", is really one of those ballad types of tracks, built upon love, highlighting a relationship that was endless due to its devolution. The beat behind it is not that bad either, it maintains the vocals so willingly the rest of the music just floats standing still but still is very moving and effective. "Too Bad", is another one of those that just gears the music into the right direction with its diverse force of focus and true pulsing drive. It becomes another staple of a hitter off of "Proof" that will cause an uproar of glee for Elle as a person and for her music with this track easily.

The others named "Hey", "Save Me", and "Last Word", are a trio of sorts that expand her creativity of mind and soul. For instance with these tracks in particular, they build up that burst of energy, having moments of soothing, upbeat, undertone that keeps the music at a slow yet steady pace. While the vocal chords on the other hand, sound more focused, yet easy going, allowing for the music to be more on the laid back relaxation vibrations feeling giving off for them. They are decent tracks with a decent feel that just needs a bit more spunk is all.

All in all though Elle's "Proof" album may be not that old of a release, but for her and the material found on it. It is surely an eye grabbing for some, because it mixes things up, allowing for her as an artist to explore her music skills ever so further, that she can stand straight, developing them more so than they were developed here. Pushing her music into a more energetic phase and tone if you will.

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