Yoshiki to Screen We Are X and Special Yoshikitty Featurette at Anime Expo

X Japan leader Yoshiki will host a special screening of the documentary film We Are X at Anime Expo on July 2. In his first USA public appearance since his surgery last month, Yoshiki will participate in a live Q&A with fans to discuss the award-winning film and the past, present, and future of X Japan.

As a special gift to fans, Yoshiki will also present the first-ever public screening of the We Are X featurette, “The Birth of Yoshikitty", which includes:

- video interview with Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi
- inside look at the creation and design process explained by Yuko Yamaguchi herself
- behind-the-scenes with Yoshiki working on the “Hello Kitty Theme Song”
- Yoshiki speaking about his relationship with the founder of Sanrio

“Yoshikitty” is the first Hello Kitty character to be based on a living person. Fans who attend the We Are X screening at Anime Expo will be the first to see this in-depth featurette on the big screen with live commentary by Yoshiki himself.

Yoshiki and X Japan have contributed music to several historic anime titles, including X, X – X2 Double X, Buddha: The Great Departure, and Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary. Yoshiki also served as the inspiration for the Blood Red Dragon comic book created by Stan Lee, with creative direction from Todd McFarlane.

Video 1/JW Marriott Diamond Ballroom

Info: http://bit.ly/WeAreX_AX2017

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