Chris Murphy - Hard Bargain

Music reflection is quite the exploration for Chris Murphy. He has been composing and performing for over 15 years. Still expanding his wide range of musical styles and influences that come to him time and time again. He has taken into account the likes of jazz, blues, country, classical, ethnic, and electronic. Thus, he is one prolific composer and song writer of sorts, that has been sought out for various collaborative projects for music, film, and television. It does not stop there though for "Hard Bargain", is his most recent piece of work. The track being heard and seen in the form of a performance video, with a live audience in tow.

The audience there in the video, enjoying what they see, as Chris stands in casual attire,  string musical instrument in hand, as he starts to play. As soon as he begins the audience begins to immediately clap right along. As the only instrumentation present is believe it or not his string instrument known to many as a violin to some, if not a fiddle to others. Chris stands in place, never moving an inch, as he continues to perform the "Hard Bargain" track. Lots of energy overflowing the entire room with crowd present, still clapping along, as well as cheering him on, tapping their toes to the beat in play.

For the track is really quite catching to the ear. Having a repeating tune that keeps the pace in check, from start to finish. His ways with the string instrument being focused and steady. As he plays, while singing, his voice sounding crisp and clear as can be. There is really no words to express his ways with his vocal chords, he just has this style that has such a well crafted tone, it is truly flawless on its own even without the music being present.

"Hard Bargain", of course being a song with lots of energy, catchiness, upbeat momentum of passion, pride, and power. That is really what this track brings out, especially when an audience in watching with such fun and excitement. It makes the music that more amusing. Not really much else to be said about it really, Chris as a performer of sorts, has made a track with a performance that shows a lot of skill and talent. He is quite good at what he does, even showing off some solo work with that string instrument of his, he has got it going with no issues whatsoever.

Chris Murphy is just another one of those average Joe's, who has been around the scene for quite some time. Able to pick up a piece of instrument with such ease, it comes naturally to him. It can all be seen and heard on "Hard Bargain". He has had years and years of practice and creation, to his namesake. The talent of writing just getting more and more in-depth to his life, expanding his train of thought ever so further, into newer material of work.

There is no doubt that Chris Murphy will continue to reach out to the masses, collaborating with many more other individuals who seek out his creative mind of such raw, progressive, talent.

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