Shotgun Rebellion's Rick the Outlaw of Justice

Southern country men Shotgun Rebellion have been keeping busy, since forming not that long ago. Over the years they have played shows and toured and released music like any other band would do. Now the future never looked brighter for them and they have further plans for new music and even more show and tour playing. Frontman vocalist and guitarist Rick Davis discussed these matters and much more.

1. What type of band are you?

Rick: We call our sound outlaw metal, it's a mixture of hard rock/metal with southern rock and outlaw country.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Rick: Shotgun Rebellion formed with me and Jon Parr in September 2010. We started writing together as a side project because the bands we were in at the time, those band members were not into it as much as we were. So when our bands saw us doing shows it just ended up as Shotgun Rebellion which was our main interest and focus. Jon and I were both into bands like Down, Black Label Society, Pride and Glory, COC, and Pantera. Jon Parr had brought more of a traditional metal feel to the band, where I was half southern rock and half heavy metal like, Black Sabbath meets Lynyrd Skynyrd that's who I am as Rick Davis.

From there we went through a few line-up changes all along still writing songs. I lived in Ada, Oklahoma and Jon was in Edmond so the distance had us working a part a lot. While writing the tunes I would use a 16 track digital recorder and send Jon just a basic drum track with the bass, vocals, and guitars. If we didn't have the words or a full idea on the lyrics, Jon would send me his lyrics and I would arrange or re-write or even add changes to whatever needed to be done. Later on we met Johni Walker in the mid summer of 2013, Johni, Jon, and myself had booked a tour and set out on a few weeks running from Oklahoma City to Jakcson Michigan, where we had played the Rockapalooza Festival opening up for Mushroomhead and Saliva, getting the chance to have played on the same stage as Mushroomhead.

During the tour we had met up with Randy Cooper from Texas Hippie Coalition in Indianapolis, Indiana with his new band Emperors and Elephants at a venue called the Indy Juke Box. Randy and I knew each other from Shotgun Rebellion and had opened up for Texas Hippie Coalition several during their Mid Western Tour. Shotgun Rebellion had gotten a gig opening up for Ted Nugent in Oklahoma City in August 2013. I told Randy about it that night and we decided to have Randy settle in with us for that show, which went so well, that Randy had a few months off from Emperors and Elephants until their album was due for release, so it worked out for everyone.

After that he had settled in with us some more on a few big shows with us opening for Jackyl , Michael Schenker, Feel Never Real, and Ted Nugent. During this time though, Randy and I talked about him adding on some guitar parts, on our soon to be released self-titled album, we contacted the producer because it was already finished and ready for release, but we pulled it and re-worked on the album changing the artwork cover, and re-released on February 18, 2014. It included a new song and video for "Roll On" which can be found on YouTube.

Randy and his new band Emperors and Elephant had left for tour in February so Randy was not able to do anymore shows with us due to his schedule with those guys. So Randy turned us onto his friends from Texas Hippie Coalition, Wes Wallace having said that Wes had just left Texas Hippie Coalition and we reached out to him, sent him the songs and he liked them so we all hooked up. From that first day it was like Wes was already a member of Shotgun Rebellion because he just fit so well.

Jon Parrs had left the band due to personal situations, so we went on to hire Eric Hatcher from Oklahoma City, while he was a native to New York City, he's been in Oklahoma City for more than 25 years so he's been Okiefield haha. Eric has since been a great fit and we're glad to have him be a part of our group and look forward to the future, because we got signed with David Adkins to help us out so our future keeps on growing.

3. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Rick: Just about life, like our song "Addiction Road" it's praying not to be lead down that path again. "Squeeze My Shotgun" is about the Southern Midwest on a weekend. While "Lost My Way" is about pain and loss with that struggle we all face in life. I was raised by some good story tellers so a lot of the other songs like "Badman's Gun", "Devils Home Brew" came from a story I had heard from a family member while growing up just like my grandfather.

4.Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Rick: Yes just go and re-read our band's history in question 2. I think I explained it pretty well.

5. Who are your musical influences?

Rick: We all have been studying the art that is rock n' roll, hard rock, and heavy metal for the past 30 years. So a lot of bands from those genres you can hear in our music, that there's just too many to count. There's a lot of different types of music that I am also into such as blues and some Southern roots type of fan. Wes can chicken pick the best of them and also shred til his fingers smoke and sizzle.

6. Tell me about your song "Train of Pain".

Rick: "Train of Pain" is one of the songs on the album that was released a while back and was called by this name until we pulled it. Only a few hundred copies were sold before we had done and re-worked and then re-released it as a self-titled album. This new version of the song and album as as good as the old version because our producer/engineer Jon Cheadle outdid himself when it came down to remastering it, making it be heavier the second time around, sounding way better overall. The album has 13 songs all great from start to finish. We had written 45 songs for this album during those first 3 years of playing and jamming anywhere we could, so we had of course picked the best out of the 45 to be those 13 songs when working with producer John Cheadle. His help had pushed us to play at our best and without being a slave driver at the same time at that haha. I got to say though it's been quite the experience working with him and we already have plans to do a second album with him as well. The album I'd say has a great mixture of hard rock/metal with just a dash of that Southern whiskey kick of blues for added flavor and effect.

7. How many songs have you written for your next release?

Rick: Well there are 30 songs left from the first album, that we didn't get to record or use so we're writing new one's all the time as well, so perhaps combining the two together into something just as good? We're really looking forward to working with Wes Wallace next time we're in the studio, but we still have some time to tour and play shows for this self-titled release. Although we have already played a few songs with Wes that will be on the next album live, so if you come to a show you can get an idea of what's in-store.

8. Do you have any favorites off this album?

Rick: Into the Nothing, No More, and Badman's Gun.

9. What are the upcoming show/touring plans for you guys?

Rick: Well we're said to play the Tulsa at the Undercurrent August 1st and Pre-Ride for Dime Party August 14th at the After Party Bar in Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. All of our shows can be found enlisted with address's and map locations at Since we just signed with David, the ink's still fresh and he's already telling us he's been working hard that we'll be touring some more before this year's end. Plus we have a full tour happening next year so look for us in a town near you until then get a copy of our CD!

10. What can one expect from a Shotgun Rebellion show?

Rick: A lot of high energy action with in your face drums and guitar playing is always happening on our stages because it's one hell of a time at a Shotgun Rebellion shot!

11. What advice would you give to people who would like to do what you're doing?

Rick: You should do it because you love it and never want to stop. If it's not coming from your heart and soul, then you're not staying for the whole riding experience. It's a business to be remembered, yes there's fun but you need to take it serious enough that you don't over look it.

12. How did the get band the name, Shotgun Rebellion?

Rick: Jon Parr had come up with it while we were swapping ideas back and forth. He had sent me a couple of names then one just jumped off the page at me. I knew right then and there that this was our name as soon as I saw it. It just fits our style, sound, and who we are as musicians and individuals. We're all family orientated guys that know how to have a country boy styled good old time. Also Johni, Wes, and I all have been hunters and fishermen all of our lives, and do that stuff from time to time, so it all just fits.

13. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Rick: You can find us at the following:

14. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Rick: Finishing up working on the rest of the new songs for the next album. Then finishing out this year with a late tour and full tour happening next year. We'll then start to record for our second album sometime next year as well.

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