Digitalife Gets Signed and Announces New Album

Imminence Records are pleased to announce that they have signed Argentinean outfit Digitalife. The band has been putting in countless amount of blood, sweat, and tears in the South American scene since 2007 when they initially formed playing industrial metalcore. After three members left, keyboardist Victor Hugo recruited the current lineup that now played electronica metalcore. Victor had this to say on the signing, “We are very excited and thrilled to join the Imminence family, home of a great roster of great underground bands. Since we are from Argentina our lyrics are in Spanish, but our message is for everyone who is willing to listen.”

After the members were recruited, the new look Digitalife went into the studio during the middle of 2012 and recorded what would become Nemesis. The seven track EP never saw a proper release, just a few copies handed out to friends of the band members, until September 9th where it will be released on Imminence Records with the band’s newest single “False Utopia” and two remixes. Victor had this to say on the release, “Nemesis is our debut album that blends trance, EDM, and metalcore together into one sound. It was created two years ago with a low budget and in a couple of weeks, but the songs have grown on us and we love to play them live. The new single features our current signature sound and style of writing of the band that is still rooted in the electronica metalcore roots of the band.” The band plans to enter the studio in September to record a brand new full length to be release in early 2015.


1. Awakening
 2. Unfortunate’s Hymn
 3. In Front Of Our Eyes
 4. Interlude
 5. Lies Behind Glass
 6. Nemesis
 7. Electric Anthem
 8. Awakening (Basic Horror Mix)
 9. False Utopia
 10. False Utopia (Digital Party System Mix)

FOR FANS OF: The Browning, Motionless In White, We Butter The Bread With Butter.

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