Lalaloopsy Goes from Girls to Gals with the Lalaloopsy Girls

MGA Entertainment behind the Lalaloopsy toy brand has branched out quite a bit since it's doll made it's way around with the Lalaloopsy dolls, Lalaloopsy baby dolls, plushie, figures, DVDs, and now entering the girl world with this new series of dolls called only as the Lalaloopsy Girls! Following the same styling as the previous lines this takes your beloved girls and turns them into gals of the teen life as all girls do, grow-up!

You of course get all your favorites with future characters a work in progress. The main website and Facebook page have launched giving a brief detail about the girls with glimpses of the dolls themselves as well! The story following all of this is said to go like this "Expect the unexpected when the Lalaloopsy Girls attend Lala Prep the Lalaloopsy Academy for the Learning Arts. They will take magical classes, share dorm rooms, secrets and lots of laughter! No matter what happens they will always be stitched together friends forever!"

Check out some photos of the dolls due out in the U.S. soon and out in the U.K. now along with this review of the dolls done by the Mommy and Gracie Show HERE.

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