Deus Otiosus - Rise

"Godless" was the last album to be released from Deus Otiosus and while it's only been a short while they have return with its follow-up "Rise". A collection of assorted tunes that takes the elements of death metal, thrash metal, and even rock all fall into their proper placements. Like take songs like "Iron Rule", "Don't Fuck With the Dead", "Walk the Shadows", and "Will and Fear", have riffs and leads of that of rock, while the rest is more intense and brutal, even with the vocal chords they are even further expanded with sounding more in-depth and crushing. The songs themselves have that dynamic ability and song structure that keeps the intensity embraced with raw and aggressiveness not far off.  So if Deicide or Vital Remains is for you then perhaps these guys will be as well.

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