Capture The Crown's Jeffrey says Music is an Art putting His Soul and Heart into the Terror Within

Australians Capture The Crown formed in 2010 going on to get signed, play shows, tour and release material. As the years pressed on they continued to do the same cycle until they got signed to another label and continued to release music and plan for upcoming shows and touring. Frontman vocalist Jeffrey Wellfare discusses about the new label, new album, and touring plans, and the future within their grasps.

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Jeffrey: My name's Jeffrey and I am the vocalist.

2. For those who aren't familiar with Capture the Crown yet could you give us a brief little history lesson on the band?

Jeffrey: Well we're 4/5 members that are Australian one is from Pennsylvania. We play music, we enjoy playing music and there is no sense on the music we play. We've been playing the U.S. for the last 2 and a half years and have not broken out of our area yet been stuck in your country for the moment. It's always a fun time out on stage and use our crowd perception towards the live performances and just have a good time with it.

3. How has the transition and relationship been since your arrival to Artery Recordings?

Jeffrey: Transition wise it's been extremely smooth all of the guys are cool. They've looked after us from this point, things were up in the air sitting in limbo wondering where we were going to go, then they came as our knight in shining armor have been really good to us. They're very good to us and easy to get along with them, we're able to talk to them anytime, with other labels you wouldn't be able to get that loyalty.

4. Before this transition occurred you were label-less and had released an EP "Live Life" using the DIY method. If you were able to do this why not continue using that as your release?

Jeffrey: I guess in this industry and country you need that backing. You need someone to look after you not just financially but contacts on who you know and what they can do. We were with our previous label and we felt that relationship was to its full capacity. With Artery there's new doors and new adventures so opening our eyes to more than we were use too previously.

5. Can you tell us how this album differs from the previous releases? What can we expect and what is the message behind it?

Jeffrey: Every individual song has its own meaning. I don't want to give out any details but with this album we wanted to ensure that the people have their own take of listening to the music. When you give the audience an idea of what the song or the album is about,  it wrecks the adventure for the listener. People won't want to listen to the song if it's about that or this so we didn't want to give out too many hints as to what it's about. The album you will expect is raw, having gone that extra mile, it's all real and playable and is very emotional and comes from a dark place and experiences we've faced. It's very real that's about it really.

6. What was the recording process like this time around? Was there anything different that happened or was it the same old studio thing?

Jeffrey: It was extreme different. We went to the producers Taylor Larson and guitarist/vocalist of From First To Last come in as well as a guy named Ernie who worked with Taylor, we brought them songs sort of having the structure, melodies, and ideas picking them apart, doing different things the best ways.  But for me it was an interesting experience, the first time I came I was sick so I couldn't complete the vocals until later. So not having a place to stay in America doesn't give you too many options, especially when the producer is working with other bands. So there were nights where I slept in a gas station or other places then went to the studio. As for the recording process did try different things and honestly emotionally we did different takes and disgusting things to get those reactions out of me. Those were totally different than the past experiences, like there were things like getting naked in the studio, feeling uncomfortable, getting burnt, stabbed, ice thrown at me, random shit that will remind me of what I was singing about and getting it as real as possible with all those songs. It was very different and nothing like we've experienced before but it's made us all stronger as people and musicians and focus on the important things on this album.

7. Are there any surprises or any collaborations on the album? If so, how did you guys choose who you wanted to have as guest vocals on the new album?
Jeffrey: We've got 2 guests one is known and one is unknown and we liked the way they did there thing with their music so it was an honor to have them on the album. I think the album is a surprise for anyone that has heard us or has not, because this album will be an extreme shock for everyone.

8. Can you discuss the album's artwork and what the title "Reign Of Terror" refers too?

Jeffrey: I think it's clear that the band has been through hell and back within the last year not listing all of the reasons but those who have followed us do get it. This has been a fucking nightmare and how we're still around who fucking knows. But it shows we're really passionate and this is our lifestyle and the reign of terror sums up everything that is within this album. It's the perfect line of summing everything up with this band and everyday lives. To have something so memorable and sound so big it sounds like terror.

9. Taylor Larson and Matt Good were the producers for this album, so what did they bring to the table for this album?

Jeffrey: We got thrown into the mix with Taylor originally we were doing a cover song for our previous label and we had gone to him and was close to our management. We did the track with him for this compilation for our previous label, getting the song out, just how it all worked. Producers who would give us an electronically programming point of view and push it was nice to break free from that aspect, finding a producer to give us something different. After recording that song we wanted to do an album with him. So we loved his work and handled himself in the studio and be brought a lot of experience to us that we didn't know. So he learned stuff from the musicians he's worked it so it was a given get experience for us.

10. You had said “This album isn't recycled or anything you've heard before. It represents the end of a dark period in my life, and is therefore pure emotion translated through music.” Can you elaborate?

Jeffrey: I've brushed into some experiences and the band has had. It hasn't been easy it was what we had to do I guess. Some bands write about blood, death, and killings, Aliens, YouTube, I don't get it and it pisses me off. We get told a lot of shit for expressing our own opinions and I think music is an art and putting your heart and soul into it and people can take from it and live from it. There's realness and is relatable no matter the situation or where you live every single lyric is relatable in some factor. You can put 1 song that might mean one thing that's to a different situation that's happening with yourself. That's the beautiful thing about this album, there's no way of throwing a song it can mean so many things to someone.

11. How massive will the touring and promotion on the "Reign Of Terror" album be?

Jeffrey: To be honest, it won't be hugely crazy the band is financially fucked and it hasn't helped that we've done some dumb expenses buying an RV and stuff we need to learn from but we didn't know at the time. So it's even hard to get out on the next tour but once we get the ball rolling it should be better. Promotion should be minimal and beg for help from the fans and people getting everyone to have a listen. We know we've been judged and thrown into categories of other bands in the past but this is completely different. There's a lot of maturity and depth and all this album needs is for the people to listen to it. You just need to listen to it and let it grow on you, I think it has the possibility of doing that.

12. What can fans expect to hear? More new songs or old songs?

Jeffrey: We're trying to break free from the old stuff. Like any musician you get sick of playing the old stuff. So with the new stuff you want to play it, because it's fresh and newer in your mind. We'll put the hit songs in the set, a good mix of different songs from the different releases we've done.

13. You've played acoustically several times so does this mean we will eventually see an all acoustic release from you guys?

Jeffrey: We've been looking at doing something like that there's been talks about it. We enjoy all the genres of music , so we feel we can expand our fan base and help us grow as musicians.

14. How about the rest of this year, what do you want to achieve before this year's end?

Jeffrey: I'd love to hear that we'll be on tours next year but who knows. I think the guys are bummed about us not being on Warped Tour this year, so we'd like to get on that for next year perhaps.

I'd love to see the album grow big and be successful enough and promoted well. We'd all like to see more of the world besides America which we love, but we want to see different places we have not. Be able to see fans who have been waiting for us, experiencing different things, meeting new people, getting back into the mode of things because it's been slow as of lately.

15. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and supporters?

Jeffrey: Like always, thank you so much for your support and help. This album will not let you down and this band will never give up for you. Come out to the shows and some special stuff coming up thank you it means a lot to us.

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