Ceiling Of Anvers Signs To Famined Records

Famined Records is excited to announce their newest signing, Ceiling Of Anvers from Turin, Italy. Along with the signing announcement, this four piece metal outfit has released a brand new single, titled “L.I.F.E.” off their upcoming debut EP “We All Live In Balance” which drops on August 26th.

Stream the new single, “L.I.F.E.” HERE.

"Ceiling Of Anvers is a project born in late 2012 as a metal/hardcore band with Djent influences. In 2013 COA released their first single "The Oracle" recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrea Fusini at Fusix Studio.

A year later, in the same studio, they recorded their first EP, titled "We All Live In Balance." The EP consists of five tracks, which suffer the strong influence of the two main composers; Emanuele and Simone, who come from two different compositional tastes, but they can compensate each other, giving rise to this mix of metal/ hardcore with low tunings and sick breakdowns with Djent influences.

The EP talks about the continuous agonizing search of the man, as a natural person, of a physical location between earth and subconscious. Fearing the authority and the control searching the reason to overcome the artificial lights which imprison the senses and emotional states.”


1. The Throne And The Temple (Feat Giovanni from My Aim To Farewell)
2. Order Control
3. The Oracle
4. Circles (instrumental)
5. L.I.F.E. (Feat Nicolò from Damned Spring Fragrantia)

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