Megadeth - Th1rt3en

What can be said about lucky number 13? Or in Megadeth's stylized formula "Th1rt3en" is without a doubt their thirteenth album to date. This being said, Megadeth's classic 80s thrash metal style has sizzled up yet again being heard countless times throughout this recent release. For songs such as "Public Enemy No. 1", "We the People", "Never Dead", and "Deadly Nightshade", these present a styling amount of riffs with guitar solos coming in left and right.

As such, these selections present a destructive amount of force and energy that really preserves the sound within. Like frontman Dave Mustaine he delivers a sinister growl that makes the music stand on edge if you will. There is no doubt that these songs or any of Megadeth’s beloved classics will be a total failure when performed on the upcoming return of the Gigantour.

The skills are solid and firm and will without a doubt sustain that thrashy vibe we have always grown to love from Megadeth.

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