Attack Attack! - This Means War

Change can be good or bad but in the music or entertainment industry's it can instantly go viral and in the music scene Ohio's Attack Attack! have been shot down. "This Means War" is their newest release and whilst their previous material consisted of that pop eletro rhythm and beat that is no more on this release for several reasons.

One is the fact that the group has gone through several vocalists having their third Caleb Shomo taking over until the next replacement comes into play if any. Next you'll notice a more in-depth and heavier tone used throughout the album the use of constant screamo melodies and guitar driven riffs wih breakdowns occuring left and right this release is indeed tighter but the danceable grooves that once were known for won't be having the fans dancing on their feet as much as they'd hope for. As such, having used the word "the" in all 10 tracks isn't flatteringly if I say so myself it's actually annoying.

Attack Attack!'s latest is a step forward but they shouldn't have taken it two steps back before ever even thinking of releasing an album such as this.

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