Look What the Bats Dragged in.... It's the Something Wicked This Way Comes Tour with Wednesday 13, Aiden, and Modern Day Escape!

Hollywood’s infamous Sunset Strip has catered to a variety of musicians over the years and during its course of musical bliss there has been no act unlike Wednesday 13. Joseph Poole better known as Wednesday 13 is a rock musician from Charlotte, North Carolina. Since the start of his musical career he’s fronted the Murderdolls then decided to divide his life into a solo act that ended up including not one but several other projects, Maniac Spider Trash, Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, Bourbon Crow, and Gunfire 76.

But tonight would be the night and conclusion of the “Something Wicked Comes This Way Tour” that included support from Modern Day Escape and Aiden and their showcase at the Key Club would be a stunning one at that, but the crowd could have been a bit more enthusiastic about it. It turned out that no local Los Angeles bands could make it to the show so this night would only be the touring route which made the show that much entertaining if I do say so myself.

Opening the night was Modern Day Escape who’s frontman James Vegas gladly stated at the start of their set that “We’re Modern Day Escape and we’re from 10 miles that way” pointing towards the North side of the Sunset Strip. The members were dressed in casual attire from plain black t-shirts to one’s promoting themselves with dark brown shoulder length hairstyles to Vega’s hair being a short from that. Either way the band played a solid 30 minute set that consisted of all new material that will be released on their upcoming sophomore release “Under The Gun” available March 27th in which they played the title track along with another new song called “City of Thieves”. While a lot of their old hits off 2009’s “House of Rats” included “Let’s Get Sweaty”, "For The Horde", "Beauty Killed the Beast", "A Creature Among Us", and "Maybe Holding Hands Wasn't Such A Good Idea". Overall their loud guitars, screaming vocals with fast pulsing riffs really kept the music pumping but the crowd wasn’t so pleased having Vega’s constantly try to living up the crowd but he finally gave up when the band was wrapping things up.


Next up performing a 40 minute set was the infamous Aiden. Whose frontman WIL Francis got the crowd up off their feet as soon as things got started. Performing quite a selection from their entire catalog up to this point in time things kept on rolling right along when songs such as "The Last Sunrise", "Die Romantic", "Broken Bones", "Horror Queen", "A Portrait Of The Artist", "Hysteria", "The Essence", "Let The Right One In", "Crusifiction", and "I Set My Friends On Fie". Francis performed two songs as his role of guitarist while the remainder had him jumping left to right if not fist pumping in the air and getting into the crowd’s faces demanding them to sing their hearts out. While the other guitarist, bassist, and drummer maintained a loud but steady beat having it consistently ramble on and on during the finale of “I Set My Friends On Fire”, Francis suggested in his traditional game play in his form of “wall of death” have the crowd of people be divided down the middle and running right into one another at full force having an eruption of pushing and shoving got everybody brawled up.


When it was all said and done Aiden literally killed it and it was left in the hands of Wednesday 13 to end this final night of the tour and of his domain he calls Hollywood. The lights dimmed as the fog began to roll in and the crowd’s chants of “woooo’s” filled the air to the beats of the drums and bass lines having Wednesday 13 take center stage erupting into the title track of his newest release “Calling All Corpses”. That lead on to other such songs as “I Walked With a Zombie”, “Silver Bullet”, "Bad Things", "House by the Cemetery", "I Want You....Dead", "American Werewolves in London", "My Home Sweet Homicide", "Put Your Death Mask on", "I Wanna Be Cremated", "197666", and "I Love to Say Fuck".


Wednesday 13 and his band mates were dressed in gothic punk rock style buttoned up vests or long trench coats having Wednesday 13 wearing numerous hats if not using various props like this shovel with a skull attached to it. His presence was alluring and highly entertaining and everybody within earshot got the best of what was being said from horror references to blood, guts, and terrifying zombies to other ghoulish demons of the night is what kept this show a bloody one.

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