Luther - Rise Of The Reptile King

It's been quite some time since Lluther's debut album "Agents Of Empire" now that some time has past the release of their sophomore album has seen the light of day and for the "Rise Of The Reptile King", they should be mighty grateful, mighty grateful indeed. Since the album's release the band has played shows promoting as any other band would do after a release. In this case of matters Lluther's source of style is sleazy sexy hard rock resembling the similarity to that of Papa Roach.

Opening tune "Turning To Dust", kicks off this explosion of hard rock adrenaline that really continues to pulse through the entire album with other songs like "In The Dollhouse", and "Bullet", these are what keeps the music flowing. Edgy guitar riffs with kick back drum beats with snarling vocals really pushes the music ever so further both musically and lyrically.

Lluther has got the good’s and clearly has what it takes to make something out of what they got going here not we just got to see if they can keep it up or not.

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