Underworld Awakening

Underworld the series that launched the vampire craze that exploded later on down the line with the Twilight series but the Underworld series was the original vampire series that presented Kate Beckingsale as warrior Selene a Death Dealer (vampire) in the first film released in 2003. 2006 saw the release of the sequel and then 2009 was the prequel to the first film. Now that many years have passed what will happen now?

Underworld Awakening is the fourth film in the series and brings back Kate Beckingsale with a ton of action and more blood than the previous counterparts could offer. Her character Selene with her lover Michael Covin played by Scott Speed whom does not make a reprising role in this installment has a portrayal of his character instead. The two are running from their lives trying to escape this sudden thing called “The Purge” which has involved the humans finding out about the vampire and lycan (werewolf) species risking their lives. But both are captured and taken to this establishment that wishes to find a cure but has other plans in place.

During her captivity Selene gives birth to a daughter called Eve played by The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s India Eisley who escapes her cell and releases Selene allowing her to make a run for it once more and she does it with total style of course. She flees the establishment only to be followed by an unknown person who is like her the two end up finding Eve and the three go to this hidden coven where an ambush is set and more powerful lyrcans attack.

Eve is kidnapped taken back to where she was first brought and kept an eye on for the time being while Selene wonders in what she has to do to save her daughter from any harm but is it already too late?

Overall Underworld Awakening has got the action but just hasn’t gotten the time as it’s a bit short handed not being as long as the previous films but still manages to maintain a powerful punch that outdraws anything but a possible fifth installment?

The time will tell….

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