BORN OF OSIRIS Parts Ways With Guitarist, Seeks Replacement

Chicago-based progressive metal hybrid BORN OF OSIRIS has parted ways with guitarist Jason Richardson.

Commented the band in a statement: "To all of our fans and followers, we have decided to part ways with guitarist Jason Richardson. This was something that just needed to happen. We will be a more creative, energized, and focused unit as a result.

"The past year was the band's most successful and we owe it all to our amazing fans. We promise everyone that 2012 will see us take further steps to bringing every aspect of our band to a new level.

"We couldn't possibly be more excited for what the future holds. Also, since the finishing touches were put on 'The Discovery', we've already been in the process of writing our next album. The past month and next two we will be home writing and finalizing the record that will be released this summer/fall.

"Big news coming soon regarding our summer touring schedule. We can't wait to see all of you again soon with some new music to play for you!

"We will TEMPORARILY be accepting video submissions for the [vacant guitarist] spot at"

The group added, "[There is] no reason to tear Jason down for this. He joined CHELSEA GRIN after he found out about us moving on without him. We still love Jason and the rest of the dudes in CHELSEA GRIN, and wish them the best of luck.

"The five of us have been and written all three albums thus far, so if you like the direction we took on 'The Discovery', then you should only be more excited for what we're about to create next."

In a separate statement, Richardson said about his departure from BORN OF OSIRIS, "Just to clarify to everyone, I did NOT quit BORN OF OSIRIS. I would have never been able to bring myself to do such a thing no matter how much tension was between us. All of those dudes were essentially my family; I lived in the same house as them for over two years.

"This was by no means at all my decision (not that I was involved in the decision in any way shape or form, lol). I have been fired from the band because I 'don't agree with the way they want to live their lives' and 'it felt like their dad was in the band.' So instead of confronting me . . . they decided that calling me at 130 in the morning four days before christmas while I'm home visiting family to tell me that all of my belongings from the new BORN OF OSIRIS house were in my trailer on the way to me in Virginia was the professional way to handle it. So I can say with pride that I will NEVER play another note on stage with the group of cowards that is BORN OF OSIRIS. . . I'm just happy the truth finally came out and now I know what truly matters to them and it is NOT putting out albums like 'The Discovery'."

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