Young Medicine Gets Recognition with First California Show!


Let's go back in time, date 2013, when vocalist/keyboardist Bret Liber would go on to DIY a project he would called Bella Muerte. Providing coverage for said act for a couple of years, that project would be short lived, later Bret would go on to create a whole another project called Young Medicine. Fast forwarding to 2015 up until now 2023, and for the past eight years; still covering Bret's numerous projects, the band would announce some touring cycles, heading to the west coast, only to have those shows be shot down. Until most recently hoping on a part of the "Fighting Spirit Tour" as support.

Trekking across the US. heading to the west coast once more, this time making it out to sunny Southern California to Los Angeles County to the city of North Hollywood, where a newly reopened venue called the “Knitting Factory” except not to be confused but remembered as the previous venue that was located in Hollywood, this “nostalgic” re-imagining venue would nothing like its predecessor. This one would be on a smaller scale, as opposed to the Hollywood location that was larger, featuring three stage rooms, this new one only showcasing one stage, with a staircase leading up to the venue’s actual spot. The venue itself being small but not super tiny, but big enough to fill up a decent crowd if it was a packed out night.

Tonight would not be a packed night, but a decently sized night, as after arrival of 7:30PM the band Young Medicine would open the night, performing precisely at 8PM, performing for the next 40 minutes straight! Performing such songs "Somebody's Watching Me", "UFO Party", "Lost Boys" featuring Essenger's vocalist in said song and live on stage during the song's performance. Speaking of the band’s performance, it was colorful to say the least. Lots of “light show” appeal. Green, purple, yellow, blue, red, rainbow, a bit of everything, with the band being a trio, having the threesome giving it their all! The vocalist/keyboardist Bret having a rather creative “kick”, literally kicking his feet into the air, backwards, as he is playing the keyboard, when it is upon its stand, and not wrapped around his body. It gave a chuckle every time it was performed, with his vocal arrangement being powerful and strong. Guitarist and drummer, did their share as well, being energetic throughout, never missing a beat! Together through, this three piece, delivered an active performance, that kept the crowd of on lookers entertained wanting so much more, pleading for an encore but not receiving one sadly, but did walk away with meeting the band after their set at their merch table. 




So either way, the band that is Young Medicine has its fans of old or new; that were welcomed with open arms, to appreciate their styling of synth wave, meets rock, to create a uniqueness that delivers in multiple factors to please everyone.


1. Not Human
2. Hot Chocolate
3. A Lesson In Futility
4. UFO Party
5. Somebody’s Watching Me
6. Lost Boys (featuring Essenger’s Vocalist Guest Appearance During Set)
7. Winter Soldier
8. Ignorance Adrift
9. Shinju

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