Amalgama Releases New Video


International Heavy Metal band Amalgama released their new video "In The Middle Of Nowhere" from their latest album "Back to the 80s". "This song has a specific message, focusing on how simple it is to lose touch with reality and fall into the abyss of decadence when caught up in life's illusions. On the other side, you realize how much you've missed out on in life. Don't miss out on the brand new hard rock madness – follow us now!" - AMALGAMA

Check out the video linked below:

Amalgama (CZ/NL/UA) is an international metal project started by Vlad "Graf" Ivoilov, which was later joined by Timo Sommers and Joey Martin De Boer (both formerly of Dutch Symphonic Metal Band Delain). Roman Valeryev and Clown (official mascot and fifth member) round out the line-up. The band has released five studio albums as well as numerous singles.

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