Derision Cult Releases New Single “Slaves Rebuild” Accompanied by New Music Video


Derision Cult fuses technological sounds with classic metal, rock, and even outlaw country to evoke an entirely new feeling from their audience with each new release. With inspiration ranging from Die Warzau, Sister Machine Gun, David Bowie, Metallica, Megadeth, Prong, Ministry, White Zombie, and Circle of Dust, Derision Cult utilizes varied influences to create a truly unique sound unlike what is typical of rock and metal bands.

Watch “Slaves Rebuild”

Best described by frontman Dave McAnally himself, Derision Cult forms a “sonic insurgency” through its combination of industrial metal with a tinge of outlaw country. Taking some influence from Producer Sean Payne's band Cyanotic, Derision Cult uses cyberpunk-infused metal to focus their message on resisting media manipulation and corporate greed within their lyrics and against-the-grain sound. Certain aspects of their music showcase aspects of classic rock, thrash metal, all the way to Western country - especially in their new release “Slaves Rebuild”, which will be accompanied by a new music video on October 16, 2023.

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