Decline The Fall Releases New Album


Decline the Fall is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of ‘Perspectives,’ the eagerly-awaited second album from the formidable metal band. The album, which was funded by Arts Council Malta, features 11 tracks of pure emotion. From melodic clean vocals to piercing screams, dynamic
drumming, mesmerizing guitar tapping, groovy riffs, and neck-breaking breakdowns, this release promises to be an onslaught of raw power and unrelenting intensity.

“I believe we’ve grown as musicians, which is evident in the more mature sound compared to our debut album,” says Ehren. “Yet, we’ve preserved our distinctive ethereal sound.”

"As the world sat in silence in the wake of a global pandemic, the band members put their heads down and started working on material for their second full-length album.“ COVID-19 was the main catalyst from
which ‘Perspectives’ was born, eventually shaping into somewhat of a concept album,” explains John. “Kris, an introvert, embraced every moment; while I, as an extrovert, struggled a lot with feelings of
anxiety and isolation.”

‘Perspectives’ delves into themes such as the perils of political greed, the facets of loneliness, and the depths of mental anguish. The album is a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to fearlessly
addressing thought-provoking subjects.

The band independently recorded everything in their own studio, while mixing and mastering was handled by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman.

Check out the album right HERE.

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