Vio-lence was Brought to the 1720 with Warbringer, Bonded By Blood, Exmortus and More to LA!


1720 a recent venue, set in a rather not so suited area, in Downtown Los Angeles, California, the place where music comes alive as it were. This venue being not really a normal club or venue but set in a warehouse, with little to no AC, except for the back patio outside, featuring a food stand of tacos, with the merchandise selection of band’s items spread about inside by the bar area. The venue’s set up is thought out, with its sound system being decent enough, crowd size varying upon show to show. Tonight’s show would be one to be the talk of the night, featuring six different bands, over a six hour span of endless music!

Opening the night would be Mortalis, a rather interesting act, whose sound was good, but could have been slightly better. Their energy was gladly welcomed, getting the crowd amped up, with the mosh pit slowly pushing off to a good start up. This band though, did deliver, giving it their all, that they kept those present entertained and satisfied. Next up would be Wraith whose presents was very enlightening, getting the crowd very into them rather quickly. As their performance kept flowing, so did the crowd, the mosh pit was endless, with the music being speedy thrash metal, keeping it in check and fast hands down. Guitars, drums, bass, it all added up nicely, with the vocals keeping it altogether that the music was fresh yet flawless. In short, these two opening acts were pleasant.

Following them would be Exmortus who was celebrating the release of their debut album, fifteen years later, featuring some special surprise guests, from that album’s time, the old drummer and guitarist, filling in for a couple of classic tracks, with them bowing out, after, with the other members coming back to continue the set. The performance overall was kept fierce and fast, the mosh pit kept the energy non-stop, with music being so intense yet fearless. Its thrash metal with a modern twist, so it was heavy duty meets energetic. Having seen these guys some years back, seeing them again just kept that previous momentum alert. Surely an act to follow and see countless times for sure.


Next would be Bonded By Blood, whose thrash metal melodies were entertaining to say as much. Vocal-wise they took sometime to adjust towards, whereas the instrumentals were done surprisingly well. Some tracks sounded good, with others sounding great as the set grew on. Crowd kept the energy hyped up, kicking it to the next level with crowd surfers, stage divers, and lots of circular motion in the pit, it was all chaos from one side of the venue to the other side pretty much. These guys were quite one to catch, and likely see again sometime.


A lot if not most, of these acts would believe it or not Californians, so Warbringer is no stranger to the sunshine that is always in sunny Southern California. This being one of their only hometown showcases in a while, and did they deliver it! Nothing but fast paced angst, music, and a crowd that never wanted it to end. Vocalist and band did a superb just with performance tactics, lots of energy provided, lots of laughs, with the singer doing funny expressions with voice, arms, and facial features, with the band being so aggressive with their musical tones it kept it more embracing to experience. Each of the songs were so catchy and upbeat that it felt never ending, everyone was in high spirits really. It to be noted that these guys do not suck, but expel an essence leaving a very positive result. 


Lastly to round off the evening would be headliners Vio-lence whose main man vocalist had a rather interesting attitude, giving off vibes of the different kind. His energy was just angry yet happy, it just felt off at times throughout the band’s set. The performance was strong no question, the crowd keeping up that energy from all of the previous acts, increasing it to the next level with deliverance. Lots more stage divers, crowd surfing, mosh pits in circular and regular fashion, it was a never ending experience. The venue was hot and getting ever so hotter with the band’s conclusion that it felt like violence was what was done for the most part tonight. 


Every act delivered a performance that caught the attention in one way or another. Everybody enjoyed themselves, had so much fun with it all, that cheers and shouts kept the music alive and well. Certainly seeing and hearing these number of acts, in a row, would be unforgettable that they would be remembered til the end of time. Let they thrash til death!


1. Eternal Nightmare
2. Kill on Command
3. I Profit
4. Calling in the Coroner
5. T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)
6. Upon Their Cross
7. Ageless Eyes
8. Officer Nice
9. Flesh From Bone
10. Phobophbia
11. Subterfuge
12. Let the World Burn
13. California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys Cover)
14. World in a World

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