Story Of The Year Celebrates 20 Years of Page Avenue with Sold Out Show in OC!

Close to fifteen years since last seeing hardcore rock act Story Of The Year, whose formation began back in 1995 under the name 67 North, then changed their name to Big Blue Monkey and then they would change it to what it is best known as today as Story Of The Year. Releasing several albums, a hiatus, and comeback, with their recent tour happening recently in celebration of their 20 year release of their debut album “Page Avenue” released in 2003!

The band would post this on their Facebook page this past summer saying “'Page Avenue' is such a special album in so many ways. It has grown to be the definitive SOTY album. An album that still resonates with everyone today the way it did 20 years ago. An album that built an amazing career for a bunch of friends from St. Louis. When we were writing Page Avenue, we were just kids making music that we loved. We had no idea that 20 years later these songs would still mean so much to us and to millions of other people all around the world. We couldn't be more grateful that we still get to play these songs in front of so many amazing, passionate fans and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this pivotal record than by getting out there and performing it for all of our incredible fans. We hope that you can join us as we celebrate 20 years of 'Page Avenue' all over the US.”

With that they would head out on tour, playing this album in the fall of this year, hitting up Orange County in the city of Anaheim down at the House Of Blues, said venue’s new home since its relocation from Downtown Disney, to the STC Garden Walk location. The show would be sold out, and after arriving late, and feeling a tad under the weather, strolling in would not stop the utter excitement in me. Upon arriving, browsing the merch selection, then entering the actual venue where the stage was set up, the crowd was wall to wall packed. The floor was swarmed with people, upstairs in the balcony was covered as well, but not reserved to the public. But the floor and bar sides were filled, grabbing a spot at first on the side, showing up just in time for the headliners Story Of The Year to hit the stage at 9:30PM.



Playing for the next hour and 15 minutes, with 17-songs straight, the band would play out “Page Avenue” in its entirety from front to back somewhat, it was not in the precise order, but songs were played off it nonetheless. It should also be noted that it was also the singer’s birthday this evening as well, having the audience sing briefly then shout out “Happy Birthday” to the famed singer, with him and the band eating cake live on stage! But anyway, the band’s performance was epic, with the crowd being so into it every song sung. The crowd really got into the antics with a lot of the “Page Avenue” content, mosh pit picking up instantly, with other newer tracks performed as well, being just as enjoyed. The one’s best known through would be “Anthem Of Our Dying Day”,  and “Until The Day I Die”, as well as others like “Falling Down”, “Sidewalks”, “Swallow the Knife”, “And the Hero Will Drown”. Other tracks like “Afterglow”, “Real Life” and “Tear Me to Pieces” newer material was approved by the crowd as well.

It was pretty much as if we were back in 2003, because the band kept up that same energy and angst that they had back then, tonight hands down. The songs, the crowd, it was provided with non-stop momentum and energy that it was endless. Story Of The Year’s 20 year run will go on for another 20 years, being a band to be remembered for sure.


1. And the Hero Will Drown
2. Divide And Conquer
3. Dive Right In
4. Anthem Of Our Dying Day
5. Page Avenue
6. War
7. Razorblades
8. Burning Years
9. Afterglow
10. Swallow the Knife
11. Real Life
12. Sidewalks
13. In the Shadows
14. Tear Me to Pieces
15. Falling Downtown
16. Ocean Avenue (Yellowcard Cover) / Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team) (Taking Back Sunday Cover) / I'm Not Okay (I Promise) (My Chemical Romance Cover) / The Taste of Ink (The Used Cover)
17. Until the Day I Die

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