Emotional rock outfit THE FUNERAL PORTRAIT are excited to share their take on Radiohead’s iconic debut 1992 single “Creep” with a riveting cover that showcases their theatrical and impassioned sound.

“Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ is a legendary song that has been loved for over 30 years,” shares vocalist Lee Jennings. “The track embodies what The Funeral Portrait stands for and is the perfect song to represent our fans, The Coffin Crew. It’s a song for the weirdos and the people who feel like they just don’t fit in.”

Jennings adds: “We have teamed up with The Hot Topic Foundation, a foundation that we hold close to our hearts, to release this cover. They work hand in hand with incredible organizations like Mental Health America and The Trevor Project. The Coffin Crew community believes in the many things that they stand for and are honored to be a part of their support.”

The single is out today, June 18, across all streaming platforms via Better Noise Music, listen/download “Creep” HERE. THE FUNERAL PORTRAIT are releasing the song in partnership with The Hot Topic Foundation, to further their support of non-profit music, art, LGBTQ+ and mental health organizations for youth and teens.

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