RAVEN Releases Video For "All Hell's Breaking Loose"


New Wave of British Heavy Metal stalwarts RAVEN unleash the ear-splitting title track ‘All Hell’s Breaking Loose’, taken from the upcoming album, out this Friday, June 30th via Silver Lining Music.
The video features co-founding bassist and vocalist John Gallagher restrained in a straitjacket with his mouth gaffer-taped shut, followed by scenes of explosions and destruction. Musically, ‘All Hell’s Breaking Loose’ twists and turns with accents and flavours buried inside the chaos, perfectly capturing the sheer desperation felt by us all especially whilst in lockdown, during the global COVID-19 pandemic.
“Lyrically the song is about the constrictions of being locked down during the pandemic and the desire and need to ‘break free’ from it all or risking going insane…” explains co-founding member and guitarist Mark Gallagher. “It’s about taking control of your freedom!” Mark exclaims.
“‘All Hell’s Breaking Loose’ is a kick-ass song starting with Mark laughing his head off, which we took from another part of the recording session and glued on to the intro ‘cause it just sounded killer crazy!” enthuses John. “It then gets into this straight, “real” RAVEN riff... the part before the chorus is super heavy... 100% in yer face kill your neighbors heavy metal!!”
Watch/Listen to ‘All Hell’s Breaking Loose’ (Video by Jay Shredder) right HERE.

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