Monsterpalooza 2023 Edition Brings Dismay But Happiness Anyway!

Monsterpalooza one of many conventions in the horror genre, that takes place, gathering many to attend. This convention being so well received at times, it’s spin off a spin off convention titled “Son of Monsterpalooza” that happens in the fall, with the main convention taking place during the early summer. This year though, Monsterpalooza would have some drawbacks, heaving it’s main headliner Robert Englund A.KA. Freddy Kruger cancel at the last minute, due to catching covid.

But nevertheless, the convention went went on as planned. Taking place at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA, loads of people far and wide came in tow, dressed up as their favorite horror characters, while others wore t-shirts of said favorite horror characters. Many met various guests, checked out numerous panels, browsed the two different merch halls, and others snapped some photos with each other and the guests present.

Arriving to the convention that Friday afternoon, waiting in line for five hours, hoping to meet the nightmare man himself Freddy Kruger was disappointing, due to him canceling his appearance altogether, due to catching covid apparently. But after that dismay though, meeting the two different Jason Voorhees characters, as well as Megan, and the couple from that YouTube channel Dead Meat, buying some items as well, the convention went over rather well.

It did still keep the crowd occupied, even having a mini Museum of sorts, showcasing numerous props and décor from various films and TV, perfect chance at snapping some photos or video footage, it was a highlight to behold. Down in the merch hall’s, were rows and rows of tshirts, masks, figures, photographs, posters, among other things like keychains, stickers, candy, to keep buyers at bay. While all else there, just took in the atmosphere from just being there really.

All in all though, Monsterpalooza 2023 was a weekend filled with minor disappointment but brought in smiles galore, as all there were still pleased and quite happy with the ending results. Rather that be, meeting their favorite person, character, or someone totally different, it was fun either way for this years rendition. 

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