SABATON LAUNCHES UNPRECEDENTED "HISTORY ROCKS" CAMPAIGN TO UNITE MUSEUMS ACROSS THE GLOBE Worldwide premiere of "The War To End All Wars - The Movie" To take place around Armistice Day


Swedish heavy metal band, Sabaton, has launched a worldwide museum project entitled “History Rocks”. At the centre of this project stands the band’s new animated film, “The War To End All Wars - The Movie”, which is to be screened by participating museums spanning the globe around Armistice Day on November 11, 2023. 

“History Rocks” is a charity initiative that aims to raise awareness of the importance of history and encourage more people to visit their local museums. Sabaton is inviting museums, both big and small, to be part of this world premiere of “The War To End All Wars – The Movie” at no cost. The only requirement is to be equipped with the appropriate facilities and audio-visual equipment to host the screening.

Commenting on the project was Sabaton’s manager and bass player, Pär Sundström: “We are excited to launch this project! We believe that by screening “The War To End All Wars - The Movie” in museums around the world, we can inspire people to appreciate the importance of preserving and learning about our history. And what better way is there to do this than by infusing history education with an entertaining, adrenaline-fuelled animated movie?”

Pär added: “It’s also a fantastic way to persuade a brand new audience to visit their local museums. Museums are really important to us as a band, especially military and history-focused museums – we have learned so much from them. We want the world to be curious and would love for people to genuinely want to learn about the past. The only way we grow as human beings is by learning about days gone by and appreciating the sacrifices that have been made for us to live the way we do.”

Even before the launch of the campaign, a handful of museums have already confirmed their participation in the global premiere of "The War To End All Wars - The Movie." These include:

The Tank Museum, Dorset, United Kingdom

Arsenalen - The Swedish Tank Museum, Strängnäs, Sweden

Aeroseum, Gothenburg, Sweden

Michigan’s Military Heritage Museum, Jackson, Michigan, United States

Many more will follow in the coming weeks.

For more information about "History Rocks" please visit: 

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