Escape The Fate feat Spencer of Ice Nine Kills - "Cheers To Goodbye"


Escape The Fate, the iconic American rock band, is set to send shivers down the spines of fans worldwide with their highly anticipated new single, "Cheers To Goodbye." Featuring a chilling collaboration with Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills, the track promises to deliver an electrifying musical experience. "Cheers To Goodbye" is scheduled for release on June 30th, 2023, and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

Building upon their amazing legacy, Escape The Fate dives into this new era with the hauntingly captivating single. The band's trademark intensity, combined with Spencer Charnas' dynamic vocals, creates a potent fusion that is bound to leave listeners on the edge of their seats. "Cheers To Goodbye" is a testament to the band's artistic evolution and sets the stage for their highly anticipated upcoming album, OUT OF THE SHADOWS.

A video for the single, directed by Jacob Reynolds (the band also worked with Reynolds on their recent “Low” video) will debut on the band’s channels on 7/7.  In the interim, you can find the song on youtube HERE.

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