The Trinity of Terror Tour Strikes Three with It’s LA Sold Out Performance!


Throwback, throwback, throwback, is what the Trinity of Terror Tour Part 3 was all about! Upon arriving at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, California, tonight would be quite a night of all things horror, blood, and music. For this night would have such acts as Atreyu, Black Veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills and Motionless In White. A real package deal that would make it’s rounds in three variations, over the past year.

The third round would take place tonight, fans aligned to get into the venue in a sea of black, t-shirts, pants, shoes, all is what you can see really. After entering the venue, long lines at the merchandise stands would stand still, whereas everyone else hurried inside to get to the floor or their seats. Once inside, finding said seats would be difficult since this venue was on a level set up, first floor, second and third floors, sitting on the first floor, had me walking down the stairs to get to the lower section of the venue. But before any band would hit the stage, the music overhead would be throwback tracks from the early 2000’s, that a lot of the audience recognized, even adding in some techno elements that had some really getting into. But nevertheless, the show must go on and did it.

Grabbing our seats, the opener’s being Atreyu would perform around roughly 6:45PMish playing for about 45 minutes, singing such songs as "Becoming the Bull", "Right Side of the Bed", "Ex's and Oh's, "Falling Down", along with some newer tracks like "Battle Drums", "Warrior", and "Baptize". During the band's set though, had newer vocalist, former drummer/backing vocalist Brandon Saller, his performance was good, he even hit the floor, going into the seats of the venue whilst still singing the song during the band's performance. The rest of the performance was left with crowd interaction, sing-a-alongs, and lots of cheers and shouts of excitement. In short, Atreyu brought down the venue and all there were pleased with what they had to offer.




1. Strange Powers of Prophecy

2. Baptize

3. Becoming the Bull

4. Right Side of the Bed

5. The Time Is Now

6. Ex's and Oh's

7. Save Us

8. Falling Down

9. Battle Drums

10. Warrior

11. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Whitney Houston Cover)

12. Blow

Following them would be Los Angeles locals Black Veil Brides who may have gone away with using their face paints and body make up, at least sometimes did bring quite a surprising set. Having sung such songs as "Crimson Skies", "Devil", "Scarlet Cross", and a lot of the older tracks ranging from "We Stitch These Wounds", "Knives and Pens", "Fallen Angels", and "In The End". A lot of their set-up consisted of the crowd singing along to a majority of the songs performed, while the other portion had the band keep the energy ever flowing. Plus they had a screen behind them with graphical effects that made the performance much more gripping and settling. Clearly the Black Veil Brides Army was present in all sorts, keeping the momentum strong and joyful. 



1. Crimson Skies

2. Coffin

3. Faithless

4. Devil

5. Shadows Rise

6. Scarlet Cross

7. We Stitch These Wounds

8. Knives and Pens

9. The Legacy

10. Fallen Angels

11. In The End

Next up would be Ice Nine Kills a band whose beginning’s would be slightly different, but with a change of pace, they would come to find themselves and rather audience more so. Taking the elements of the horror kind, made their performance more of a stage show than just music. For their later working’s would dive into horror in more than one way. Having a lot of their works featuring such horror films like IT, Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and even Psycho. With this they would bring such films to the stage, with killing’s, knives, and plenty of theatrics that kept the crowd wanting much more that was given. They were likely one of the more entertaining bunch of characters as far as musicians go.  As far as what songs were performed those would be such as "IT Is the End", "Merry Axe-Mas", "The Shower Scene", and "The American Nightmare" to name off a few. Truly it was a mash up of Halloween meets Xmas pretty much. Literally Santa Claus himself did make an appearance, a few in fact, so it was just loads of fun from all angles. 



1. Funeral Derangements

2. Wurst Vacation

3. Hip to Be Scared

4. IT Is The End

5. Merry Axe-Mas

6. Stabbing in the Dark

7. The Shower Scene

8. A Grave Mistake

9. Farewell II Flesh

10. The American Nightmare

11. Welcome to Horrorwood

Lastly would be headliner’s Motionless In White whom had canceled the previous night due to the frontman falling ill, and still being ill during LA’s performance as well. But sick as it may have been for him, he still managed to pull through and did do a good job regardless. Such songs like "Disguise", "Werewolf", "Voices", "Cyberhex", "Dead as Fuck", and "Eternally Yours", were quite the crowd pleasers for tonight. A majority of the performance did have the crowd singing along to a good chunk of the songs, as again the frontman was still ill but also still did do a good job even with the help of the audience. The band’s set did have some effects, roses, werewolves, minor fire tactics, to more visual effects, was all provided keeping all there in awe. 



1. Disguise

2. Sign of Life

3. Slaughterhouse

4. Werewolf

5. Voices

6. Cyberhex

7. Masterpiece

8. Dead as Fuck

9. Another Life

10. Eternally Yours

Overall the third run of the Trinity of Terror Tour was well worth this third cycle of dates, will another rendition come back around again perhaps? Who knows, but for now, this trio of tours, with this same bill of acts, kept the crowds entertained yet overwhelmed with utter joy that madness was felt throughout the night, of happiness, joy, and terror. 

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