Slowkiss Talks of Shows, New Album, and Much More Too!

Alternative rock band SLOWKISS has had a demo, some single's along with some EP's as well as an album with a follow-up album coming soon. Some shows are even in the works for this next year. The band being a trio, does the talking about their content, shows, and more.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

SlowKiss was formed in 2014 led by me (Elisa) and has had several members over the years but is currently a trio.

Elisa (me) am an artist from Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) living in Chile for many years, with an important musical background in the Chilean underground scene, having been part of several bands, projects and productions. After a few years related to the punk scene with my band Espartaco, I decided to form SlowKiss to give free rein to my imagination and under the wing of the alternative have no style limits when composing.

Richi, the drummer is from Talca, a town in the south of Chile and we met because we frequented the same place of hxc rehearsal rooms and gigs and once we ran out of drummer he offered to play with us by email and in the 1st rehearsal he arrived with all the songs learned which made him immediately become SlowKiss drummer and the longest-lived member after me.

Ale is from the north of Chile, La Serena, he is the super star guitarist, quite a character, the Slash of the group, he arrived at SK at the beginning of 2018 but he has been in and out of the band a couple of times because sometimes he needs it haha

Lately we have been playing with guest bassists, Pablo is the one with whom we went to tour Europe for the first time on October 22nd and we hope he will stay with us for a long time.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

I believe that the origin is something romantic, idealistic. I like that it has a sensory touch, it tells you about something that you can feel, at the same time it sounds sensual and has something feminine about it. When the name appeared I was madly in love, one of those adolescent loves that when you kiss time stops, only I was no longer a girl and now after years, I love having captured that feeling in a concept. In the long run, I think SlowKiss is a powerful name that does not leave you indifferent and makes you curious to know what it is about.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

We were formed in Chile and have been based here all these years. Now we want to take the leap and try elsewhere, so we are going to move to Europe to see what happens. Chile and South America in general are immersed in reggaeton and urban music and that is what has the majority of the market taken. Alternative bands unfortunately operate in small, precarious circuits with very little exposure.

4. How would you describe your style?

Alternative rock. I like to think that the “last name” "Alternative" gives you the freedom of not belonging to a specific sound, and leaves the door open to all experimentation with different styles of rock without marrying anything in particular. That's why we have shades of punk, metal, shoegaze, even new wave, etc. We're not afraid to mix any style and mix it up with our own stuff.

5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works?

In our beginnings we were somewhat disordered in terms of releases since we started with a Demo and then a couple of singles released solo that are not part of any record work. Afterwards we released two Eps, The Cliff (mastered by Greg Calbi) and Ultraviolet . In 2019 we published Patio 29 our first LP and soon we will be releasing our second long duration K.O.

I think that in our records you can listen to a band in search and in constant evolution, I think that we take you down different paths from our subconscious or from our past, surprises and nods to past years, a mental walk set to music in the old fashioned way but at the same time with a renewed sound.

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

Yes, our new album is coming called K.O.  You will have news very soon. We are waiting for the release of the 1st single called N.O.C.G.A

7. How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out?

In fact we will be doing our last summer shows in Chile and preparing for the European Spring-Summer season to do our second Tour there on 23’. This time we hope to reach other countries further north like the UK or Sweden and of course all the opportunities given to us.

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

I believe that like any other band, our dream is to continue recording music, touring the world, meeting different people, bands and cultures, and being able to make a living from what we love to do. But most importantly: contribute our grain of sand through our music to raise awareness and help as much as possible to the internal and global change that we all want.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Our band is on almost all virtual platforms, you can find us on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc, we even have a website. We sell our merch and records ourselves through the Inbox of our Instagram.

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Our music is mixed to be played loud so turn up the volume and let yourself go!

SlowKiss is:

Elisa Montes / Voice and Guitar

Richi Pozo / Drums

Ale Castillo / Guitar 

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