Amon Amarth Makes Viking’s Out of Los Angeles Sold Out Show!

"Oh shit" is what frontman vocalist Johan Hegg of Viking Metal act Amon Amarth would say on the very last day of THE GREAT HEATHEN TOUR WITH SPECIAL GUESTS, CARCASS, OBITUARY, AND CATTLE DECAPITATION! Tonight at the KIA Forum known formerly as The Forum out in Inglewood, California in Los Angeles County, this venue would be home for metalheads alike, drone all in black, banging their heads, tossing their drinks, clothes, and merchandise high into the air during tonight’s performances. 

Up first would be death metal group Cattle Decapitation whose set was rather quick, the band went upon the stage, sang their set of songs, then next thing you know would be the end of it. Some tracks performed this night would be minor such as "The Genocide", "Finish Them", "We Eat Our Young", and "Bring Back the Plague". That's it, perhaps since going on a bit later than they said they would, caused this shorter than usual setlist. But performance-wise they gave a good set but with more time provided it could have been a tad better.



1. The Genocide

2. Finish Them

3. We Eat Our Young

4. Bring Back The Plague

Second up would be Obituary whose set was intense yet pleasing. Their method of death metal, was promising yet entertaining. Some of the songs sung included such as "Redneck Stomp", "Sentence Day", "A Lesson in Vengeance", and "The Wrong Time". The crowd kept their energy flowing, as the mosh pit and headbangers were never ending. They were set on performing the best last night of the tour as they could and they did just that. Pure and simple Obituary was worth the experience of death metal they brought forth.



1. Redneck Stomp

2. Sentence Day

3. A Lesson in Vengeance

4. Visions In My Head

5. Circle of the Tyrants

6. The Wrong Time

Third up would be Carcass whose set was quite the journey. The stage set-up they presented though, was interesting, they used screen graphics against their backdrop, with four different AMP TV Screens atop either side of the stage, showcasing imagery per each song performed. A lot of the songs were good but some did sound as if they continued into one another, causing the songs to sound as one at times. But some of the tracks included "Buried Dreams", "Incarnated Solvent Abuse", "This Moral Coil", and "Heartwork" to name off just a few. The set was close to 10 tracks almost but still a good performance that kept everyone there wanting more but were delighted with what they were given.



1. Buried Dreams

2. Kelly's Meat Emporium

3. Incarnated Solvent Abuse

4. This Mortal Coil

5. Dance Of Ixtab (Psychopomp and Circumstance March No. 1 in B)

6. The Scythe's Remorseless Swing

7. Corporal Jogsore Quandary

8. Heartwork

9. Carneous Cacoffiny.

Last but not least was the Viking metalheads’ themselves Amon Amarth straight out of Sweden! Having seen them back in 2019 for the first time and only time since, that performance was good but tonight’s would be one not to be forgotten. Now the band would go on prior to this tour, saying how the KIA Forum show would be one for the books! It being the last day of the tour as well, so it can go without saying that they were right. But how was it different to the previous dates across this touring trek? Hard to say, their stage set was brilliant. Statues, fire, lots and lots of fire, viking ship and even a dragon with let’s not forget some warrior’s as well, were a part of this massive set! The extensive set itself lasting for well over an hour going into an extra thirty minutes! Loads of tracks sung with lots of entertainment throughout. Songs like "Guardians of Asgaard", "Deceiver of the Gods", "Oden Owns You All", "Destroyer of the Universe", "The Great Heathen Army", consisting of the crowd rowing on the floor and in the seats, with "Raise Your Horns", paying a toast to the audience with "Twilight of the Thunder God", having frontman vocalist Johan Hegg fighting off a dragon! Just so much going on during Amon Amarth's set it was never ending. Lots of effects especially fire with lots of lighting in various colors done too. Frontman vocalist  Johan Hegg interacted with the crowd consistently, asking how they were all doing, to cheering for them for just being present. It was a night that was finished off nicely.


All in all though this evening would be one that had a lot of death metal bands taking part as opener’s but had them doing their share of good work, with the headliner’s being an act that gave theatrical a whole another meaning.


1. Guardians of Asgaard

2. Raven's Flight

3. Deceiver of the Gods

4. Oden Owns You All

5. The Pursuit of Vikings

6. The Great Heathen Army

7. Find a Way or Make One

8. Destroyer of the Universe

9. Put Your Back Into the Oar

10. Cry of the Black Birds

11. The Way of the Vikings

12. First Kill

13. Shield Wall

14. Raise Your Horns

15. Twilight of the Thunder God

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