American Standards Releases New Song and Video for "The Dealer"

Phoenix, AZ metallic hardcore band American Standards have released a chaotic new single titled ‘The Dealer’ from their upcoming EP ‘DOPAMINE DEALER’ being released February 3rd 2023 via Manic Kat Records. The unhinged song, which was complimented by an equally unsettling music video, draws nostalgic sounds for fans of early 2000s metalcore bands such as Every Time I Die, The Chariot and Converge. 

American Standards Vocalist Brandon Kellum said of the song:

“I’ve always wanted to do a spin on Doris Day’s ‘Que Sera Sera’. I love the idea of not worrying about what you can’t change but wanted to challenge the concept of leaving it up to “fate”. In our version ‘The Dealer’, it pushes the listener to own their path, preserving through both external adversities and internal self doubt. It ends with a question, are you living up to your potential or waiting for a future that isn’t promised?”

Listen to The Dealer by American Standards on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp or wherever you find music. Check out the new song and video here:

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